My Favorite On-The-Go Mattifying Product For When I'm 'Glistening'

And by "glisten," I mean sweat, which I do--a lot--when faced with hot people.
Publish date:
August 22, 2013
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You know those people who freak out and start sweating when they’re faced with hot people? Yeah, I’m one of them.

I get shiny and glowy, and it’s not even the good kind of glowy. On top of getting sweaty, I panic because I’m getting sweaty in front of this said-hot person standing in front of me looking like a fool, and then I sweat more. It gets even worse when the person asks, "Why are you sweating so much?"

Can you imagine the mental turmoil that ensued when my boyfriend and I started dating? The poor guy had to put up with many a sweaty palm trying to hold my hand.

Post-sweaty-mess, I would dab myself down with a napkin (Starbucks napkins, I’ve learnt, soak up the most oil off faces) and fix my face up with translucent powder.

The only problem: most translucent powders come in a bigger tub. I’d either have to move the powder into a smaller case to carry it around in my everyday bag. And for people like me, who transition between being busy, lazy and forgetful, it’s not always the most convenient.

Enter: Alison Raffaele’s genius Transparent Finish Powder in their to-go packaging. It fits in my tiniest clutches, it has a mirror and a twist-up Kabuki brush. (Did I ever tell you about the time I wrote to a PR person requesting images for a bukkake brush? If you don’t know that means, don’t Google it with kids around you).

There are very few products in my life that I would put on a pedestal. If a day came when my Clarisonic decided to die on me, I would march right out in my Hello Kitty PJs and get another. This transparent finish powder is coming close to no-turning-back for me. I like the light formula, how easily it mattifies, and how convenient it is. It's also refillable, so you don't have to dump the whole packaging when you're done with it.

Do you sweat like crazy, too? If so, what do you use to control your shine?