Mr. Robot Has One of the Best Smoky Eyes on TV

Who knew a show about hacking would contain such great eye makeup?
Publish date:
September 26, 2016
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I recently moved into an apartment with a wall projector and access to Amazon Prime, which means I had to catch up with the rest of the world and finally start watching Mr. Robot.

If you haven't tuned in yet, I don't want to spoil anything for you. It's best to go into this show knowing as little as possible. I mean, before I started watching it I thought it was about an android. Which, FYI ... it's not.


I quickly blew through the first season and I'm all caught up on the just-completed second season, which outdid itself with twists, turns, and oddly original storytelling devices. The show is complex and full of mysteries, to the point that sometimes I have no clue what's going on — but what I do know? I know that Darlene, played by Carly Chaikin, has some of the best eyes on TV.

Some of this, I'm sure, is due in part to her genetics — the girl has fabulously large eyeballs and beautifully colored irises. But she's also got a gorgeous, smoldering smoky-eye look whenever she's on screen, and it's been inspiring me to slick on the kohl and wear more mascara than I've applied since high school.

To recreate Darlene's look, I used a mix of black liquid liner and chocolate brown shades of pencil and cream shadows. The overall effect is slept-in and sexy, and it gives lighter-coloured eyes a major boost.

I start by smudging on Eyeko Me & My Shadow stick in Bronze, a deep copper brown, all along my upper lash line, in a sideways V shape on the outer corner of my upper lid and along the outer two-thirds of my lower lash line. This creates a base that I can layer everything else on top of.

Next I need more definition. I use a fine black pencil, Maybelline Master Precise Skinny in Defining Black and wiggle it between my upper lashes and along my upper lash line, which will help me create my liquid-liner line next and also gives my lashes a more thickened appearance at the base. This look is, after all, about making your eyes pop in as many ways as possible.

For a long time, I avoided putting liner in my lower waterline because I thought it would make my eyes look small. I've found though that if I use brown over black, it makes my eyes look big and even more green. I've been using Collection Intense Colour Supersoft Kohl Pencil in Birdy Song, a red-toned brown, smudged fully along my lower waterline and into the lash line.

I then apply black liquid liner along the upper lashline in a classic cat eye shape. I used Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Bold Defining 24HR Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Valentine and then let it dry for a minute before moving on to my final steps.

For the final bit of pop, I want to soften up the cat eye and overall shape. I dipped an angled brush into a dark brown matte shadow (Dance In The Dark from MAC Eye Shadow x15: Warm Neutral) and lightly smudge it along my black liquid liner.

Lastly, this look needs a lot of lashes. Thick, almost clumpy lashes. I applied and then reapplied the classic for thick, fanned out lashes, L'Oréal Voluminous Volume Building Mascara in Blackest Black to my upper and lower lash line.

Smoky, smudgy, "I woke up like this because I didn't wash my face last night" eyes a la Darlene. Now to just get her cheekbones and lips. I wish.

  • Are you all caught up on Mr. Robot? Let's gab about it, please.
  • Which TV characters eyes/eye makeup/face in general do you want to steal?