I Could Arguably Do a Full Makeup Look with Just These 4 Tools

Not that I WANT to. But if I had to, I'd make it work with these multitaskers.
Publish date:
July 15, 2016
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I love to use different makeup tools to complete my look each day. One glance at my makeup table (or more accurately, my living room in general) and you will find brushes upon brushes everywhere.

Do I need all of the brushes in my collection? Not personally, but I do like to have backups for freelance work. I can use up to 10 brushes for one look!

But I was thinking about it the other day, and I realized that I could feasibly complete a full look with just four little tools.


As Maricar has pointed out, this makeup sponge is a little powerhouse! With this, I can apply foundation and concealer as well as blend out blush and highlighter and set the final look with powder. I like that you can use it damp or dry and that it can be re-dampened with a spray bottle when I’m feeling truly lazy.

Fluffy blending brush

There are different iterations of the fluffy eyeshadow blending brush but the Sigma E40 has been my favorite for some time now. Although I typically use three or four brushes to create an eye look, I can actually use this brush by itself. Because the bristles are loosely packed, I can build up color saturation and still blend everything out for a more diffused look.

Angled liner brush

Angled liner brushes are great for applying eyeliner and for filling in brows. I like the Sigma E06 because it’s a very tiny angled brush so I can do my liner as thick or as thin as I want without hassle, and I think it makes the application of brow pomade look more natural.

Mascara spoolie

I always keep a pack of these in my arsenal because they are great for grooming brows and for separating lashes if my mascara gets too clumpy.

  • Which tools could you live without if you absolutely had to?
  • Do you use a beautyblender? Do you find the knockoffs to be just as good?