OPEN THREAD: Too Pretty to Touch

How can this eyeshadow look anywhere near as beautiful on my eyelids as it does in its case?
Publish date:
November 20, 2015
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I know a lot of you can relate when I say I'm a sucker for packaging. One of the very first xoVain articles I ever wrote, way back in early 2013, was about beauty products with gorgeous jars, bottles and labels. To quote myself regarding certain products, "the main reason I want them is so I can display them somewhere in my apartment and get a content feeling when I look at them, like a vase or souvenir or some other tchotchke that exists solely to sit on a flat surface and be seen."

Nothing has changed since I wrote that. Just yesterday, I received SK-II Facial Treatment Essence—which would be awesome even if it were packaged in a toilet tank—but in one of the new limited-edition bottles. I couldn't stop staring at it and petting it and basically being a creep in a bar to it.

But packaging can be kept if you love it enough. What do you do when the product itself is the work of art, when you really want to use it, but using it would mean defiling its perfect form?

I'm currently struggling with just such a test, thanks to another product I received this week: Kiko Water Eyeshadow.

Inside a deceptively normal, no-frills, black case is a shadow made of luminous, "spherical" powders that be used wet or dry. But I'm reluctant to use it at all, because LOOK HOW PRETTY.

It looks like someone booped their thumb onto a pool of liquid rose gold and it rippled outward and froze that way.

I really, really, really wanna put this all over my eyelids, though, so after a day or two of Gollum-gripping it, I'll give in and sweep a brush across it. But it's gonna hurt my heart when I do—this I know.

So, my pretties, tell me this:

  • Do you have any beauty products so lovely that you can't bear to start using them?
  • Which brand do you think has the prettiest packaging?
  • What else is on your beautiful minds this weekend?