4 Surprisingly Wearable Ways to Put a Rainbow Glow on Your Face

Makeup that makes it seem as if I'm mere inches away from the moon's beam? Yes. Please.
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October 17, 2016
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Whenever I'm walking through the aisles of Sephora or Ulta — or even shopping at an online beauty store — I experience this internal rousing, buzzing sensation. I don't know if it's the slick, sexy packaging, the potential for what a product can do for my skin or my features, or the influx of colors and scents hitting me all at once. All I can tell you is that I'm very much in my happy place whilst perusing cosmetics.

You can imagine, then, just how delighted a person like me is by the recent holographic and rainbow highlighters beauty trend. I mean... an actual, shimmery pastel rainbow atop my cheek? Cue Dorothy! A glow that makes it seem as if I'm mere inches away from the moon's beam? Yes. Please.

Naturally, I wanted to try such products myself. The Bitter Lace Rainbow highlighter — the original product that sparked the trend — was unavailable. (That's what happens when you mix viral trends and small business.) I also wanted to get my hands on Wet n' Wild's new rainbow highlighter, but it's so popular that not a single store in a 20-mile radius carried it, and it was also out of stock online. However, I did review four products that are equally as brilliant, so let's dive in.


At a mere $6, Forever21's rainbow highlighter is a colorful steal. It offers a very soft, subtle rainbow effect, which perhaps makes it a more wearable option. The pot itself is quite larger — bigger than most fan brushes — so you can choose between a more red/pink leaning rainbow highlight, or a more blue/purple leaning highlight. The latter is slightly more dramatic, and depending on the placement can even create a sort of contour effect. Currently, it's pretty hard to locate, but if you watch online and call your local stores, you may get lucky.


I personally think Milk's Supernova Holographic Stick is the most wearable option of all four highlighters reviewed here today. And though the highlighter is not super easy to see its effect in pictures, it's certainly noticeable in person. It offers a true iridescent sheen, so depending on the angle and the type of light you're catching, it subtly shifts color. I'd say it mostly leans blue-purple, though, so it reads cool on your skin. The stick itself is thick and creamy and blends easily into your skin with a blender or your fingers. Pro tip: Try it on your eyelids or on your lips for a cool prismatic effect.


If you want to throw a true holographic bonanza, NYX Face and Body Glitter in Crystal is a no-brainer choice. It's thick glitter, so definitely not subtle, but a dusting in your hair, across your cheeks, or even on your eyelids will definitely get you some positive attention. The Crystal shade is a holographic glitter, so when it's in motion, it looks like a dancing, colorful, prismatic party. You'll want a primer and a finishing spray to help it set.


In my attempts at finding an accessible rainbow highlighter, I did a little shopping on Amazon. Based on reviews, Travelmall Rainbow Cake Highlighter looked the most promising, and I loved that I only had a wait a couple days for shipping versus several weeks. Compared to the Forever21 rainbow highlighter, this product is much more pigmented, which means a light hand and small amount of product is all you need. The colors themselves are truer, and not as pastel-leaning.

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