The One Beauty Brand My Mother and I Can Agree On

We rarely ever talked about beauty topics together before, but now we have a new thing to bond over.

When it comes to beauty habits and philosophies, my mom is my opposite. For her, less is more, and her beauty routine is extremely simple. I, on the other hand... well, I write for a beauty site, so that pretty much says it all.

If we're planning to go out somewhere, I'll spend over an hour just doing my makeup; she can be out the door in five minutes.

Wearing different lipstick colors — orange, red, brown, purple — gives me life. She refuses to buy any other lipstick than her signature plum.

In the evenings, I have a very strict skincare routine but still end up with the occasional zit. She gets away with just splashing water on her face and putting on moisturizer. She's never had a pimple her entire life.

The only beauty area she's more adventurous and passionate about than I am is hair. She's dyed hers caramel, black and auburn and has had different haircuts throughout her life — everything from flowing, long hair to a chic pixie cut. I'm a hair dye/process virgin who always has long hair.

Although it's clear we don't have much common habit-wise, I've recently come to find that my mom and I can finally agree on one thing: Clinique.

My mom's been a fan for over two decades, and her loyalty to the brand says a lot. She's really picky about how she spends her money, but at Clinique, she'll gladly spend $26 on a moisturizer and $17 on a lipstick because the formulas have always worked for her.

I, on the other hand, am a more recent fan, which is weird since it was her trips to the beauty counter that first sparked my interest in makeup. In high school and college, I always thought of it as my mom's brand, so I gravitated to brands with more hip, youthful colors and packaging instead. It was only after college that I started to give Clinique another chance, and it has now become a favorite of mine.

Liking the same brand may not seem like a big deal, but for my mom and I, it kind of is. We rarely ever talked about beauty topics together before, but now we have a new thing to bond over, in addition to our love of traveling, sale-shopping and buying stuff for other people. Also, this is my public admission that I should've taken some cues from my mom and checked out her favorite brand. You're right, mom!

These are the products that have made us fans.

My Mom

Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

"I've been using this for years. I like this product because it makes my face feel soft. I have never found anything better. I use it twice a day, and put it on my face right after I splash my face with water. That's all my skin needs."

Different Lipstick in Ripe Raisin

"I chose this for myself at the beauty counter years ago. It goes with my coloring, and it makes my lips feel soft. I apply this right before I'm about to take pictures so my lips stand out."

Perfectly Real Compact Makeup

"I prefer powder foundation over liquid foundation because powder foundation is easier to use. I don't own any makeup brushes. This makes my skin look smooth and better overall."

Bonus Time

"I try to shop at Clinique during Bonus Time. I like getting the free gifts because it's a good deal. I make sure I spend the minimum amount so I can get the free cosmetics case with a full-sized lipstick and eyeshadow palette. I usually buy the moisturizer and something else."

Sheer Powder Blusher in Lucky Clover

"A saleslady chose this color for me. Before that, I would not wear blush. This makes my cheeks look very rosy. I like it because it's light. I don't like to look like I'm wearing too much blush. They don't sell this anymore, but I wish they did."


Even Better Essence Lotion for Combination to Oily Skin

This lightweight essence absorbs into my skin very quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling oily at the end of the day. It's the perfect prep for my moisturizer, and it reminds me so much of my favorite Sulwhasoo Balancing Water.

All About Eyes

I usually don't notice results with any eye cream, so it was a pleasant surprise when I used this for a few nights and noticed my under-eye area looked much better. That's no small feat in my book.

Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm

As my first-step cleanser, this is amazing. It removes my waterproof eye makeup (some gentle rubbing is necessary), and I am addicted to how amazing it feels to have the balm melt into a warm oil when I rub it into my skin.

Brush On Cream Liner in Black Honey

This is the most unique eyeliner in my makeup collection. It's a purply-brown with gold flecks, and it's subtle and statement-making at the same time. Best of all, it doesn't smudge on my oily lids.

Cheek Pop in Ginger Pop

Of my top Clinique picks, this is the product I've loved the longest. It's a soft-but-buildable coral pink that gives my cheeks a warm and luminous glow. And it lasts all day!

Do you and your mom bond over anything beauty-related? Or are you two opposites when it comes to beauty interests?