3 Looks For 3 Imaginary Punk Go-Go Girl Bands

Ardency Inn's new Manuka honey enriched eye shadows will drive you mod.

Ardency Inn’s new collection of eye shadows, dubbed Modsters, is totally inspiring in its potential uses. The brand has cozied up to NYC's downtown music scene, choosing Dee Dee Penny of Dum Dum Girls as the collection campaign model.

Enriched with Manuka honey (The Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman of all honeys), the powder formulas are super dense with pigment and smooth like, well, honey. I tried out three of the most vibrant colors to create some mod looks that wouldn’t be out of place in my imaginary punk go-go girl bands (that’s a genre, right?). Imaginary band names and inspiration looks below...

The Plastic Peacocks

OK, so technically the peacocks with the colorful tail swag are boys, but that doesn’t mean my fictional girl band can’t cop some flair. The Peacock shade is an iridescent olive green and dark mauve, so it looks nearly holographic at certain angles.

An eye shadow brush will do the trick to spread the color all over your lid and into the crease.

Now, cut crease liner is tricky business in general, but creating bold, graphic lines is a bit easier to do when you aren’t worrying about blending and realism.

Using a liquid liner pen, I drew the top line first and then connected it to my eye’s outer corner. The third, bottom line is the one that lines your lash line and extends to wing out, hitting the second line in the middle. If you gauge it wrong, you can always draw it higher since you’re just going to fill that in anyway.

You can fill in any blank spots with more of the eye shadow, if you want, but the effect is this graphically metallic cut crease liner.

Royal Riffs

Alliteration aside, there are a lot of bands with the word “royal” in their name, aren’t there? Here’s something verging on the post-punk aesthetic of a combination of Ninja Turtles and Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra.

I started by dabbing a wet, angled eyeliner brush in the Royal color and used it to paint a triangular shape around my eye.

I filled in the shape with an eye shadow brush to create a Donatello-inspired look (the turtle, not the designer).

I used a black pencil liner to trace and outline around the shape and line my bottom waterline. You can smudge some more shadow color against the bottom lash line before painting on mascara, lots of it.

The Tangerine Twiggys

Without dabbling in glue-ons, this is a daringly unapologetically sixties mod look inspired by the Factory Girls and their plastic fantastic life. Ardency Inn’s Tangerine shadow is a matte bright orange that wears super opaque.

Drawing symmetrical frowns between your brows and your eyelid crease is actually--big surprise--not that easy. The only tip I can offer is to draw VERY LIGHTLY before you get your lines right and then go over them again for realsies with a sharpened eyeliner pencil. I’m using brown instead of black to avoid a Halloween color scheme.

I brushed the Tangerine color all over my eyelid and up to the line.

I lined my top lash line with the same brown pencil liner, extending the line a bit down into the corners. I also smudged more Tangerine onto my bottom lashes and around the entire eye.

Now for the fun part. Swipe on gobs of mascara, especially on your bottom lashes. If you paint each lash with your wand held vertically, you get defined lash stripes that make your eyes look like enormous Venus flytraps.

As fun as it is to name fictional bands based on the makeup you'd wear in them, I’m sure it’s even more fun to just…wear the makeup. The days of mod were all fancy-free and free love for all, and with all the advances in eye shadow formulation (like using Manuka honey to boost the wear and feel of a powder), you can modify your mod to frug all night long.

I’m pretty sure dancing shoes tech hasn’t peaked to the point of boogying ‘til the break-a-break-a-dawn with nary a blister or swollen toe crying for respite. But at least your eye makeup will look good, right?

Are you a fan of Ardency Inn? Hit me with your best imaginary band names.