Mixing Metals: Totally Cool For Jewelry, And Now Your Makeup, Too

The rules no longer apply: silver, rose gold, copper and the rest can all co-mingle and look totally babely.
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October 9, 2013
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I consider my mother to be a very classy lady. She was brought up in a good home with parents that raised her to have excellent manners, and she has a wonderful sense of style that she's cultivated over the years (she's also a really talented seamstress).

We do, however, disagree on a lot of things when it comes to style, like fashion "rules." She and my sister have their own wild fashion rules that I guess a lot of people apparently abide by, but I find them totally archaic and dumb.

My mom, for example always says "blue and green should never be seen" (together). She's even said it about Homer Simpson's church suit! And my sister is really strong in her passionate belief that black and brown must never be worn together. Those ladies be crazy. Wearing my brown suede mini skirt with black tights this fall just to piss my sister off--heh heh heh.

I, on the other hand, am a staunch rule-breaker (ha) who frequently sneers in the face of convention (pft).

No, I definitely have my own rules. For example: don't wear something with belt loops if you don't have a belt to wear with it. I will envision myself threading poisonous snakes through your superfluous loops, damn it! You can get belts for $1! Sometimes less! Use a jump rope, I don't care! If it's the difference between me seeing your ass-crack or not, I choose the jump rope.

One rule, though, that I used to be very passionate about and have since changed my mind on, is mixing metals. Growing up, I was all about silver jewelry. Then, one day something changed and I suddenly only wanted to wear gold. Crazy, right? [Crickets] Now, I'm pretty equal opportunity. Oxidized silver? Sure! Rose gold? Absolutely. Wear them all together? Uh, yeah!

A lot of pieces of jewelry on the market now have more than one metal in the individual piece, tying everything together and letting you get more bang for your buck when you layer all your multicoloured chains and rings. When I wear my oxidized-silver and rose-gold moon and star rings with a sterling silver knuckle ring and thin rose gold bands, it all makes sense. They all have something in common ("Hey, you're a ring? Me too!"). They're all hanging out together because that's how metals, and colours, and people should be. No more separation!

Except when it comes to red jeans and a washer full of my favourite white t-shirts. Uggggghhhh. Anyway.

But Hannah, you ask. What does this have to do with beauty? Well, pretty jewel that is you, xoVain reader: PLENTY!

If jewelry can mix metals, why can't your face? After all, our faces are precious gems, are they not? Your eyes are like emeralds and sapphires and sexy hunks of golden agate. Have I mentioned how much I love crystals? Oh, for another time, another time ... but yes! The jewels in your face should be "set" with metals, and instead of soldering* a gold chain to your face--I mean, let's mix some metallic liner and cream shadow, OK?

I started by blending Mary Kay Kohl Eyeliner in Golden Illusion all along my lower lashline and smudging it with the smudger included at the other end of the pencil. I've been using this liner nonstop lately because it goes on so pigmented, lasts all day, and makes my green eyes look crazy-bright.

After that I lightly smudged Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 Hr Shadow in Audacious Asphalt, a steely grey (/the colour of oxidized silver), all over my eyelid and slightly above my crease.

Finally, I added some definition and lined my upper lashline with Urban Decay's pencil liner in Uzi, a charcoal gray with subtle sparkle.

*Fun fact: I took stained glass making in high school. I frequently cut and burned myself a lot (accidentally) and inhaled the fumes of melting lead and other poisonous chemical compounds day after day that I'm starting to realize it may be partially responsible for why I have little to no daily brain function and sometimes wander into rooms not knowing how I got there. If you encountered my fellow shop classmates from that time you'd understand. I mean, someone made a stained glass window hanging of the Zig Zag logo so ...