Minimalist Makeup On Different Skin Tones

Two beauty bloggers try on each other’s signature looks to see what they've been missing.
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November 21, 2014
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Us ladies of xoVain are seriously diverse creatures; we range from magic-potion-brewing, forest-dwelling, woodland-sprites to Monroe-blonde, floral-scented glamour queens. It fills my heart with joy that there’s a place for all of us and our different interpretations of beauty.

What better way to celebrate this motley crew than to swap looks? Who wouldn’t want to see Alyssa done up with a Tamara smoky eye and wine-y lips? Or Danielle with an Alle cat-eye, bright blush, and hot pink lips? I know I would, and judging by this adorable article by Tamara & Kelly, I’m not the only one.

Presenting the first-ever official xoVain Look Swap, this edition featuring myself and the very cool Sable.

Sable On Her Signature Looke ™

Sometimes I don’t even think about the makeup I wear on the daily, since my poor time management often has me slapping on the same tried-and-true products. Sacrificing creativity for efficiency is at times, an inevitability. That said, I’ve become quite fond of my signature look: it makes me feel like my best self in the most unassuming “Oh, this old thing?” way. Lately, I like to go for what I call the “Horror movie ingénue”--it's like the hot virgin who doesn’t die at the end despite being totally covered in gross blood and stuff but with eye makeup intact.

Generally, after applying tinted BB cream, I fill in my brows with brow powder and an angled brush. I’ll do a small cat eye with liquid liner and then go over it with brown eye shadow, softening the line with a smudger brush. I swipe some cream blush in the hollows of my cheeks and blend under the apples of my cheeks and outward with my fingers. I always love a slightly matte reddish-brown lip because it feels sophisticated but not like, “Look at me and my red lipstick!”

Voila. So simple.

Victoria’s Take

I had to step a little outside my comfort zone (a cat-eye AND blush as contour?!) for this, but I ended up loving it. I’d definitely take this one out for a spin--it made me feel so sultry! Anyway, here’s what I used to make it happen:

Victoria On Her Signature Looke ™

If we’re being totally honest, I don’t wear makeup every day. Some combination of laziness and general satisfaction with my bare face has made it so that I usually don’t wear makeup to work. However, on days when I have some extra time in the morning or I’ve got a big meeting (or someone especially fly is gonna be on set that day), this is my go-to.

First I fill in my brows with either a gel or powder and wax combo, tightline my lower waterline and the outer third of my upper lash line with a black pencil, and slap on some black mascara. Then I highlight my cheekbones, down the middle of my nose, my Cupid's bow, middle of my forehead, and chin. After that, it’s cream blush applied with my standard method and some deep berry stain on the lips followed by balm.

This seriously takes me under five minutes--and I can fit it all in my jeans pocket in a pinch.

Sable’s Take

For Victoria’s signature look, things were a bit simpler and felt like something I’d wear for a “I woke up like this” vibe. Best part is that it’s travel-friendly. Here’s the stuff I used to recreate her look.

  • Was that as fun for y’all as it was for us? (Because it was pretty damned fun.)
  • Who do you want to see swap next? I vote for Tamara & Alyssa!