The Milk Makeup Review and Look Tutorials You Didn't Want Because Now You're Going to Spend All Your Money

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When I learned that Milk was releasing a beauty line, I was confused. And then intrigued. And then a little hungry.

It seems unexpected that a photo studio would deal in cosmetics, but then again, the whole Milk brand is very much on the pulse of what's cool, creative, and innovative, so they could probably come out with a pastry shop and it would still feel within the realm of the Milk universe.

According to the brand, Milk Makeup is "for the girl on the go who spends less time getting done up, more time getting stuff done." These girls are called Generation Milk. Milkennials, if you will. Personally, I like to take my damn time when getting done up because to me time — and lots of it — is the ultimate luxury, is it not? But I'm also really bad at time management, so perhaps I could take a leaf from this book of "getting stuff done."

All the products are cruelty-free, with natural ingredients and no unnecessary preservatives. It's "high-concept, low-maintenance" makeup, so they're not meant to be touched-up so much as they are to wear throughout whatever you're doing. The range is pretty broad with lots of deeply pigmented colors as well as sheer, natural-looking formulas, too. Strength lies in versatility, but honestly, when you catch your reflection in a mirror to see your eye makeup melting down your face, what really matters is that strength is the ultimate strength of a product. Milk Makeup has that part covered, too.

I test-drove four looks, in the spirit of Milk Makeup's cute video tutorials of their curated looks with names like Freshhh, Astroboi, and Floss.

The lewks

I want to talk about this Matte Bronzer. It is perhaps my favorite bronzer. Why? No sparkles!

I do not like bronzer with shimmer; I'd rather just wear a bronzer and then pile shimmer on top if I want to, but otherwise, my commitment to Sparklemotion is very fleeting, especially when it comes to anything reeking of a fake bake.

Other than its matte moniker, this bronzer is so easy to use. It's unfuckupable. You can go as deep or sheer as you want and blend the hell out of it. The shade is a good neutral enough color that it's pretty versatile whether you have cool or warm-toned skin.

You know how so many gel liners, cream shadows and whatnot claim to be creaseless and last all day? They are lying. They are no match for the oily human body. This Milk Eye Pigment however is perhaps liquid latex because — no joke — that shit stayed in place all day.

I had an inkling it was going to mean business when I glooped some on the back on my hand to work with my brush, and it wouldn't budge with a makeup wipe. I actually walked around Fashion Week one day with this on and it withstood the test of sweatily running around the city in a huge (and matching) faux-fur coat.

If you lay it on too thick, it has a tendency to set a bit stiffly, so your eyelids will feel a bit heavy, but I like the 3D look sometimes.

This Lip Pigment is my new favorite red lip. It's called That Red Tho probably because that's exactly what you'll think when applying it. It's not too cool- or warm-toned, and you can pat on a tiny bit for a stain or layer it on for a really powdery-matte finish and those imperfect soft lip lines that make you look like a chronic lip-biter... in a good way. You can even layer it on a different lip color to create a dimensional look.

The Eye Marker is cool. I've always wanted to know what it's like to use an actual marker as makeup, and this has fulfilled that experience for me. I'll bet it probably makes a pretty good marker-marker too.

I LOVE a good eye gloss. The problem is that no one really makes them, and when they do, it's like a gloss-cream hybrid that isn't actually a true gloss.

This Eye Vinyl is that gloss. Sure, you could just rub lip gloss all over your eyes, but this stuff was made to hang on so it's a really thick and tacky consistency. It won't necessarily wander too far from your eyes, but it will, unfortunately, crease. That's just the nature of using a liquid as eye makeup. When executing a haphazard look such as this though, the crease lends to the vibe so don't get too fussy over it. Type A people should probably move along, though.

I'll admit, I was a big skeptical at first, but Milk Makeup is very good makeup. The packaging is sleekly utilitarian and easy to use, the range is seriously very versatile, and the price point is totally attainable.

What I like best about it is its ability to really perform, though. The colors are dense and vibrant, the formulas are hard-working, and everything is pretty multipurpose. My best bets? The Eye Pigment and Matte Bronzer. If you're going to enter the world of Milk Makeup, those are probably the best ambassadors.

  • Have you ever been initially skeptical about a new beauty brand only to be a convert once you tried it?
  • Do you think the whole "Generation Milk" marketing approach is more intriguing in a "I wanna join that club!" way, or does it kind of intimidate you in a "one time Regina George punched me in the face" kind of way?
  • Does anyone else have the same appreciation for a messed-up Beauty-By-Tim-Burton look like I do?