I May or May Not Have Summoned the Milk Makeup Holographic Stick Into Existence with My Mind

Just more proof that I was right about this pastel highlighting trend, and that yes, I am an oracle.
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August 26, 2016
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I didn't just come here to brag, if you know what I mean, but I do want to be clear about one thing: All last year, I was running my mouth about how pastel and vividly colored highlighters we're going to be hot this year, and NOW take a look around. The Anastasia Moonchild Glow Kit! The Jouer Mermaid Glow Palette! All of the bright highlighters that J****** S*** is releasing! I, being the innovative beauty icon that I am, even took matters into my own hands and showed you guys all of my favorite non-highlight products you can highlight with.

Highlights are such an awesome yet overlooked way to add color to your face, especially if you're like me and the shape of your eyes doesn't exactly lend itself to going nuts with colors on your lids. If I want to use color on anywhere but my lips, I'm left with blush and a bold liner, which can feel limiting. Plus, I'm hypersensitive to the tones used on my face. Bronze, gold, and warm-toned highlights just don't work on my pasty skin. Even champagnes have to be light to work on me. Pinks and lavenders work with my hair and whatever blush I'm wearing to pull my whole face together.

The new Milk Makeup Holographic Stick is just another bit of proof that I was right about this highlighting trend, and that yes, I am an oracle.

This highlighter was made for me, for a few reasons. One: It's a true holographic highlight. One pass and it bounces lavender, periwinkle, and fuchsia tones back at you. It does what it says, and it does it immediately.

Two, it's a stick! I prefer anything over a powder product. Truth be told, I have come around to powder highlights in the past year; still, I prefer this formula over a pan of powder. And of course, it travels well. I'm writing this from Alabama, and I'm happy to say it survived the two plane rides it took me to get here.

One pass gives you a gorgeous, prismatic sheen that you can build to make it as dramatic as you want. It's a beautiful complement to a full face of makeup and works just as well on bare skin. The finish is beautifully holographic but doesn't translate to dramatic if you don't want it to.

I find that some highlighters don't work quite as well on bare skin as they do with a full face, but this on is great no matter what your base is.

So, application. Bare-faced? Apply the stick directly to your skin and go wild. Easy.

On top of foundation, I think it's safest applied first to your fingers and tapped on. When I went stick-to-face with foundation on, I didn't notice that it broke or moved my foundation on my face at all, but I did notice that the foundation transferred onto the stick, which means it did mess with my base, however subtly.

Having to tap the product on isn't the end of the world, and really, I'd have to buff out any hard lines from the trail of highlight that the stick left anyway, so I'd be tapping whether I wanted to or not.

I did my makeup on Snapchat (@TynanBuck) yesterday and used it. Here's an excerpt of me applying and losing my shit over it.

To set the product, I go over it with my very favorite translucent powder, IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder โ€” which is, in my opinion, the very best โ€” and then a setting spray if it's gonna be that kind of night. The powder softens the iridescence initially, but its shows back through the powder before long. But after everything is set and in place, I usually take a little more of the highlight and softly set it on top of the powder again, just to make it pop right off the bat. It's too good to soften.

Highlighters are my very favorite type of product, which I think stems from the fact that the time I started writing about beauty was also when I was partying really hard and I was paranoid about it showing all over my face, which it was. My dull skin was helped, but not saved, by a glowy base and a popping highlight, which made them an Irreplaceable.mp3 part of my beauty routine.

Now, in my old age, I party way less, which allows me to get more sleep. I drink more water, eat better (and more) and am just better to myself in general (I think), which is also showing all over my face. My skin looks bomb with nothing but a decent moisturizer, so highlighters don't need to be as essential โ€” but they still are because they're fun.

I am all about the the Holographic Stick. Though I think this lavender shade is perfect, for me especially, I'd love to see them rock out with more shades. Considering how well this one is doing, I don't think it's out of the question.

This has been a great year for new, fire beauty products, and this one is definitely one of my favorites thus far.

  • Have you used the Holographic Stick?
  • What do you like to highlight with?
  • Is there a product that you repurpose as a highlighter? Tell me everything.