Just When I Thought I Couldn’t Love Matte Liquid Lipstick More, Milani Comes Out with Metallic Ones

Publish date:
June 9, 2016
milani, metallic, liquid lipstick, matte lips

Liquid lipsticks have been incredibly popular for a while now. The matte creams are just easy to apply, and they're usually very long-wearing, making them a favorite of many people.

More recently there's been a twist to the usually ever-so-matte lipsticks: a metallic twist. They've actually been around on Etsy for ages, but they reached the masses when a certain Jenner offspring started wearing them. Said Jenner recently released her own metallic matte range, and other brands followed (or thought of the same thing simultaneously — who knows?).

Amore Mattalic Lip Creme from Milani immediately caught my eye because, well, they're matte and metallic (duh), the shade range is amazing, and... the lettering is gold? Their regular matte-matte Amore Matte Lip Creme happens to be my favorite liquid lipstick formula, too, so I had high hopes.

I ordered two metallic beauties: Mattely in Love and Matterialistic.

Mattely in Love is simply described as "red," It's quite a pink-toned red, though.

Matterialistic is described as a "rose gold," which is a term that's apparently used very loosely since it became popular on Pinterest. I'd personally describe it more as a bronze. Call it what you want, but I think this shade is very unique, and I love it. It's definitely more metallic than Mattely in Love, though, which dries down quite matte.

Because the lipstick is both metallic and matte (it's the last time I'm saying that — my mind is just so blown by it!) applying can be a little difficult. The matte finish highlights your imperfections more easily, and the sparkles make it harder to correct.

I've found that the best way to apply these is to first apply a lighter concealer all over your lips and set that with powder. You really do not want your natural lip shining through, especially if you overdraw your lips, because that will show. After you've done that, draw on your lips with a lip pencil that's the same shade or even slightly darker than the lipstick. This will prevent your lips from shining through and it will also make your lipstick last longer. The next step is to simply apply the product. I like that these come with a slightly angled doe-foot applicator, which makes applying it very easy. I usually apply two coats for good measure.

With the regular Milani Amore Matte Lip Cremes, you have to be really careful not to use too much product, because it will peel. These don't do that, so that makes things easier. They do take a little more time to dry down, though.

These colors are definitely not your swipe-on-and-go kind of lipstick, so I've come up with some looks with these two shades to offer some inspiration.

I love Matterialistic a lot because it works really well with my skin tone and my (new!) hair color. I combined it with bronzed-up skin and a matte warm-toned eye. I kept the eyes very matte so the lips looked extra metallic.

For the second look, I wanted to make my eyes pop. The brown lip looks great with my hazel eyes, and to emphasize my eyes even more, I used my Kiko Moon Shadow stick in Attractive Plum and just blended that out. On the lower lash line, I applied Pistol and YDK from my Naked 2 palette. The purple looks almost grey when blended out, but it's the warm kind of grey that I really like. I finished with some peach blush.

The first time I saw Mattely in Love my only thought was Bond girl! This red is so sultry and sexy. This look is my version of a Bond girl: a smoked-out cat eye and a bold red lip. On the face I only used my MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation, with some of my Makeup Revolution Strobe Cream underneath.

For the second Mattely in Love look, I went for a more editorial approach. I stayed within the pink theme. I used my Vice 4 palette for a pink/coral eye and my Makeup Revolution blush palette for a glowy pink blush. On the waterline, I used a generous amount of white kohl liner so I didn't look sick.

Whenever I wear these lipsticks, I get so many compliments on them! I am a big fan. They smell really nice, they're long-wearing, and they don't bleed out at all. I haven't gotten the promised 18 hours of wear out of them, but since they reapply really nicely, they perform well enough for me.

  • Has anyone tried these?
  • What finish do you prefer: true matte or metallic?