Disguise An Irritated Allergy Face With Metallic Makeup

I took ALL of your allergy face advice, then I broke out and masked it with shiny makeup.
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July 15, 2013
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Remember when I wrote about my allergy face, and you were all SO helpful in the comments? That was awesome. Thanks again, guys. I took all of your advice.

I started eating and using raw honey. I tried to cut down on my dairy consumption. (I sort of failed at this one--sorry. I love cheese!) I doubled my Neti pot use, which really helped. Seriously, allergy sufferers: Neti pots save sinuses. I also started popping Zyrtec, which quells allergy symptoms and actually doesn’t make me feel like a discombobulated alien drifting around the Earth all woozy-like and weird.

For my face, I started washing with olive oil. I also used grapeseed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. I tried the lotion layering. I was trying to take EVERYONE’S advice. I was trying too hard. I ended up overwhelming my sensitive skin, and my face was like EFF YOU, and I totally broke out.

On the plus side, my allergies have calmed a bit, and my face isn’t as irritated. Except around my nose. Can’t get completely rid of the bumps. New York, I love you, but you’re ruining my olfactory beauty!

Anyway, like any good criminal will tell you, when you can't get rid of something, you should cover it up, which exactly what I’ve been doing.

This was my thinking when I did my makeup last weekend to go out. I normally don't wear too much makeup when I go out, ESPECIALLY because of allergy face and not wanting to irritate the little itchy beasts that lay in wait just below my skin’s surface. (Ew.)

On this night though, I had plans. Not huge plans--just dinner and drinks with a friend--but there’s no better excuse to try a new makeup look than a night out on the town, even if you’re going to a pub down the street.

One of you lovely commenters told me that metallic makeup combats the look of allergy face, and she was sooooo right. I was so excited to try a metallic look out because I love shiny things. They distract and enchanted me. I'm basically Dory from Finding Nemo.

Shiny metallics were MEANT to distract, at least when it comes to diverting attention away from irritated, patchy skin and watery eyes. If I shimmer enough, you won’t notice I’m actually a sniffling mess!

Allergy sufferers should get to look pretty, too, dammit.

I used Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream on my face to start. I like it because it’s SPF 30, oil-free and goes on super-sheer. My go-to concealer has always been MAC’s Studio Finish Concealer, so I dotted that under my eyes, and on the spots around my nose. Since some of my skin was dry, I mixed a bit of argan oil with the concealer to hydrate.

Then it was time to shimmer, dolls!

I applied Neutrogena Crease Proof Eye Shadow in Forever Platinum on my eyelids. It’s quite silky and nice to apply, and doesn't overpower, so I just swept an even coat over both lids.

Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter is like Tinkerbell in a tube because it leaves behind a trail of shimmery fairy dust wherever you apply it. I put it on my cheekbones, under my nose where the redness was, and on my eyebrow arch at the arch. It gives a soft shimmer that reflects light and makes you pretty.

MAC Forgery Lustre Eye Shadow is my go-to super-sparkle product. It's a frosty, white metallic, and I put it right in that little spot between my nose and my tear duct, and also dotted some near my eyelashes for added shimmer.

For mascara, I used Dolce Gabbana's Intenseyes Black Intensity Mascara because I wanted a bolder lash with my metal-eyes. On my lips, I opted for a neutral, since I sometimes look like a prostitot when I wear too much makeup.

My makeup and clothing rules are (shockingly) the same: If you’re wearing a really strong eye, do a softer lip, and if you’re wearing a micro mini skirt, maybe don't wear a tube top? Am I boring? I won’t judge if you do differently, but I’ve made these arbitrary rules for myself after a lifetime of trial and error and sometimes looking like a lady of the night. Although, that can be fun, too.

I finished by applying Maybelline’s Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Peach to my lips, a sheer bronzy peach, and I was left with a face I could take out on the town!

Which I did!

I went out, you guys. Only it was SO cold here that night that we didn’t get far. Still, by the end of the night, my makeup had held up and I felt like a real, and really sparkly, lady.

Are you guys into metallic makeup? I'm totally sold. It’s so '90s! And its allergy-face-camouflaging properties make it pretty rad.