A Grownup Makeup Look To Go With The Most Girlish Clothing Ever

Meadham Kirchoff for Topshop's collection looks like Wednesday Addams mixed with Cher Horowitz, but the runway makeup look makes it totally adult-friendly.

Meadham Kirchhoff is one of my all-time favourite brands.
The duo repeatedly manage to simultaneously encompass the aesthetic of Courtney
Love’s glory (Hole) days with Chanel glamour; basically, every season, they take all of
the things I love most and put it into a catwalk collection.

Their shows are
always my favourite. I get legitimately excited about what they’re going to do
each time and--let’s be honest--I can’t say that very often anymore in fashion
week. And they’ve just done a new commercial collaboration.

I’m not normally a fan of a high-street/designer
collaborations, because they normally end up as poor imitations of the real
thing; some sort of depressing yet expensive second-best made out of cheap
fabric paired with shabby cuts. I’d usually rather save up for sample sales and
get one of the real thing than 10 of the commercial alternative, or buy
vintage, or whatever.

But Meadham Kirschoff for Topshop is way different; their
new collection is rad. I mean, I got up early to actually get to the store on
time for the collection launch, and bumped into about 50 people I know, none of
whom are famous for getting out of bed before it gets light. It was a big deal.

With millions of little eyes and cherries embellishing
fabrics, and Mongolian fur, and rainbows, it was my dream come true. But
sometimes it’s hard to stop this stuff looking too cutesy. I mean, I’m not 17
anymore, I can’t pull off harajuku-style dresses covered in bows in the way
that I used to.

So, I needed to work out a way to make this stuff work for me,
aged 25, wanting to wear this stuff to work.

I basically just nicked my inspiration from the SS14 show, where thigh-high socks paired with minidresses, pinafore tops and lace
embellishment could have left the collection looking a little young and 0tedious; instead, it was impeccably styled and looked ridiculously chic, like a
grown-up version of Wednesday Addams mixed with Cher Horowitz.

The makeup was
pared back to ghostly pale faces, light brows with undefined eyes and a
perfectly matte red lip. So here’s how I did it.

I wanted some youthful glow, but a matte finish is one of
the things that makes this look work, so I used a base of MAC Strobe Cream
all over my skin to give me some subtle illumination.

I then used Urban Decay’s
Naked foundation, which is the salvation to my acne-scarred skin at the moment,
to give all-over coverage. Seriously, if you haven’t tried this stuff, I cannot
recommend it enough: it is thin to apply but gives amazing coverage that
doesn’t cake.

I then used Bobbi Brown’s Creamy Concealer on any blemishes and
under my eyes, and finished all off with another favourite: FaceIt Radiance
Powder. This is one of my Korean miracle finds: It's SPF 50, doesn’t cake when
applied over dry and bumpy faces, and doesn’t break me out. On top of all of
that, it gives a light radiance effect so, whilst your skin looks matte, you
don’t look like you live in a dungeon.

I then went for some basic contouring. I used NARS Illuminator
Liquid in Laguna along the underside of my cheekbones. The amazing thing about
this is how easily it blends: I mean, you can see how pale I am, and how dark
this liquid is. In fact, it blends into my perfect shade for contouring and is
incredibly easy to sculpt; plus, it stays on forever. It’s like some sort of
multi-skin-tone magic.

I topped this off with applying MAC Powder Blush in
Royal Sunset, a delicate peach matte shade, on the apples of my cheeks to give
me a little bit of colour. I mean, I want to look chic and maybe a little
gaunt, not dead.

For my eyes, I just applied MAC Paint Pot shadow in
Painterly. These cream shadows apply like a cream into a
perfect texture that doesn’t crease, and they are exceptionally good for blending.
I just wanted to use Painterly, which is most similar to my natural
tone, to even out my patchy eyelids for a perfect finish (I tried to swatch
this but, seriously, it’s my natural shade. You can't even see it).

I then used
By Terry’s Eyebrow Mascara in Medium Ash all along my brows to give me a little
grooming and definition whilst maintaining the understated vibe I am trying to
project. Again, I cannot recommend eyebrow mascara enough for when you want to
look like a more groomed version of your natural self and this one is my
favourite; it structures brows by adding a powdery gel to thicken them up
whilst keeping the hairs themselves in line.

Finally, I got to my centerpiece: the matte, red lips.
There’s something about completely matte lipstick in a dense pigment that is
incredibly cool and grown up. I used a MAC Lip Pencil in Redd to give me a
decent base to work with. I shaded the outlines of my lips and then used
light, feathery strokes to give some overall coverage.

Using a lip liner means
that you get ultimate control over the shape of your lipstick application, adds
longevity to lipstick’s wear and offers a different depth and dimension to
colour. Basically, every time I use it, I wonder why I don’t use it every time.

This gave me the perfect matte red base and then, to top it off, I pressed
Chanel’s Rouge Allure in Passion into it, using my fingertips.

And voila! Can I wear my babydoll covered in eyes to my
meeting now? I think so. Maybe. I don’t know, I work in fashion--nobody cares
how unprofessional I look as long as I look nice.