Maybelline's New Master Prime Line Is Ready For Prime Time

The awesome primers to suit everyone's needs.
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February 19, 2015
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I'm not really big on primers, and yet somehow I seem to own dozens of them. I really only reach for one or two of them on a semi-regular basis; most of the time the only thing I layer under my makeup is moisturizer and sunscreen.

However, I couldn't help but get excited to try the new Maybelline Master Prime primers. There are three varieties: Blur + Smooth (your typical pore-blurring primer), Blur + Illuminate (which contains SPF 30), and Blur + Redness Control.

I was most excited for the redness control primer, because that's what I need most, but I also loved the idea of an illuminating primer with SPF. I gave all three primers a whirl.

The illuminating primer is very pink and has a lot of shimmer, while the anti-redness primer is a pale green.

Blur + Redness Control Primer

I found myself wishing the anti-redness primer was a more opaque green and thicker in consistency like some other redness primers that I own. It wasn't the most effective redness reducer that I've tried.

Here's a before shot of my cheeks:

Here's the redness after using the Blur + Redness Control primer:

The redness is somewhat diffused and slightly less vibrant, but it wasn't not enough for me to feel confident about wearing this primer alone. It might work for you if you just want something to take the edge off your redness before putting on your BB cream or foundation.

Blur + Illuminate Primer

I did my best to get a photo that demonstrated the illuminating primer but it was difficult. Below you may be able to see some sheen going from above my brow and along my temple. It shows up much more IRL though.

It's quite pink and shimmery, with a strong floral fragrance. It's not an unpleasant fragrance but, as someone with sensitive skin, I consider any fragrance in face products to be unnecessary. So I would take a point off for that.

Otherwise, I love that it has SPF 30 and I like the warm, subtle sheen it gives my skin. I think it works well to illuminate both on its own and under a sheer layer of BB cream.

Blur + Smooth Primer

Finally, I was surprised to find that I was most impressed by the Blur + Smooth primer, which was the most effective at pore-blurring. Here's a photo of my pores before using the primer:

And here are my pores after using the Blur + Smooth primer:

There's actually a very noticeable difference: my pores were genuinely blurred (almost) into oblivion. I was impressed by this result, and I'm not usually impressed by primers.

I'm going to try to train myself to remember to use the Blur + Smooth primer every day, both under my makeup and for an easy "my skin but better" look on makeup-free days. (Can you call it makeup-free if you're wearing primer?) I can also see myself wearing the Blur + Illuminate whenever my skin needs some extra glow.

  • Have you tried the Maybelline Master Primers yet? What did you think?
  • Which one of these three primers is most appealing to you?

Photos by Joshua Kirby