We Tried on All the New Maybelline Loaded Bolds Because We Are Top-Notch Lipstick Journalists

What better way to celebrate National Lipstick Day than with 20 super-pigmented and crazy-affordable colors?

As Sable mentioned in the first of our new weekly column, Your New Favorite Red Lipstick, Maybelline is helping us celebrate National Lipstick Day, which is why you're seeing their awesome new Loaded Bolds all over XO today. But we'd be remiss to show you only a few of the colors when they sent us the entire collection to try out, so of course we're gonna put them on our faces and tell you what we think of them.


Berry Bossy

"One of my signature colors! I love a strong magenta. The formula is super-creamy but pigmented enough to achieve saturation in one swipe. Magentas like this make my brown eyes sparkle and truly pop out against my skin. However, this bold pink-toned purple would look beautiful against a wide variety of skin tones (especially medium to deep golden tones). It's classic like a red without the predictability. Because it's a bit more bold, you could pair it with strong lashes, an elegant wing, or even keep the smoky eye like I did."

Blackest Berry

"This lipstick is a little slicker than the rest of Maybelline's lipstick line (which I'm fiercely loyal to), but it’s a nice deep “black cherry” color that doesn’t boomerang around into '90s brick-brown territory for me."


"Never in a million years would I pick up a lipstick called 'Chocoholic,' but when you're on assignment, you have to do things that push your boundaries. Turns out, a dark brown lipstick doesn't look so bad on a pale girl, and I can even see myself wearing this out on nights when I'm feeling particularly daring."

Coffee Addiction

"I'm super into my '90s throwbacks right now. Anything brown is working for me as a lip color these days. I like that Coffee Addictionis such a creamy, chocolatey brown, and it's super-affordable. Let's face it: if you're going to try a trend like a '90s brown lip, it's much easier to swallow when you don't have to pay a lot of money for it."

Dynamite Red

"Seems weird, but picking a lipstick based on how aesthetically pleasing it looks when slightly smudged or smeared (e.g. when making out with a human or a burger) is fun for me. I like the way a good, bright, fiery red looks with a slight smudge — it takes a what could be a classic cherry red and makes it a bit more grungy and rock-and-roll, like a perfectly broken-in pair of jeans. Dynamite Red is that kind of red that looks good whether you're going to a family BBQ, out to the clerb, or even just to the store to get toilet paper."

Fiery Fuchsia

"Fiery Fuchsia is a creamy red with a hot-pink twist. I love that it's somehow reads both 'classic' and 'quirky' at the same time, and that it has this elegant, creamy-meets-matte finish to it. I can already tell that it's going to get heavy rotation in late summer."

Grey Over It

"I love that this summer is 'the summer of the dark lip,' but if I don't want to go full baby-goth, this shade is a nice halfway point between Supreme of my xoCoven and subtle nude. It's a shady nude, which are two things I am often. It also layers well without feeling heavy or slick. One layer is a sheer shady nude, two is witchier, three or four (like I'm wearing here) is almost a statement."

Gone Greige

"I've always pictured greige as a lighter color than this, but I love this intensified interpretation. It's more grayish-brown than grayish-beige, in my opinion, but I think that's what will make it work on more skin tones. It totally acts as a neutral lipstick even though it's not your typical neutral shade."

Mauve It

So it turns out Maybelline either forgot to send us Mauve It or we lost it somewhere in the office. Oops! But luckily, a familiar face wore it in one of Tynan's xoJane articles a couple weeks ago.

Midnight Blue

"I have a surprising amount of blue lipsticks that I never wear, but Midnight Blue has become my instant favorite. I might even wear it out of the house at some point. It's perfect because it's really creamy but still manages to be extremely pigmented without any patchiness. Nothing ruins an out-there lipstick shade like dry patches or having your natural lip color bleeding through — it has to look completely opaque and basically perfect. I might suggest using a lip brush to get the edges as precise as possible, but other than that, it's extremely easy to apply. Also I feel like a comic book heroine (or perhaps a sci-fi villain) wearing Midnight Blue, so that alone is reason enough to wear it 24/7."

Midnight Merlot

"Midnight Merlot is basically my perfect idea of a lipstick color. It’s similar to Maybelline’s Divine Wine, which was one of my favorites last fall. It’s a bit darker and more mysterious, and you can layer it up to deepen the color. The lipstick is easy to apply because it's so creamy and gives a gorgeous demi-matte finish. It isn’t drying at all and has so much pigment it actually stains my lips a little bit."

Nude Thrill

"I normally don't wear nudes because they look too orange or too pink against my Morticia Addams skin. However, Nude Thrill is the first nude I've tried that looks like an actual nude on me (I'm still in shock tbh). It's perfectly neutral and wonderfully creamy. It has a fantastic amount of pigment — one thin layer was enough to cover my natural lip tone completely without using a liner."

Orange Danger

"In the past, I haven't felt comfortable wearing orange-red lipstick, but Orange Danger is making me change my mind. It has just the right balance of red and orange to make it wearable for everyone, and I love how it brightens up my whole face. I'm really happy that I gave this shade a shot because it's basically the perfect lipstick for late summer."

Pitch Black

"Pitch Black is creamier and lighter than Midnight Merlot. It isn’t quite as pigmented; that could come down to the formula or the fact that it melted a bit in the mail on it’s way to me. I couldn’t get it as neat as the center of my lips, but I have to say, I’m 100% diggin’ the look of black lipstick. I never really thought I would be a black-lipstick gal, but I actually really like it. I would also use it to alter the depth of another lipstick."

Raging Raisin

"As much as I consider myself an orange-red lipstick devotee, I have to admit, I've never met a 'raisin' shade I haven't liked. And in this case, I love Raging Raisin, even though I can't read that name without hearing it to the tune of 'Rockin' Robin.' (Also, why are the raisins so angry?) It's super-opaque yet comfortable and non-drying, and even though it screams 'Fall!' to me, I'm definitely going to wear it throughout the rest of the summer."

Rebel Pink

"I love a cool-toned pink, so I immediately knew I was going to love this one. With a hot-pink lip, I often want it to lean a little more purple, but I think this one lands in that sweet spot I normally go for. It's also really well-pigmented!"

Sapphire Siren

"I actually bought this lipstick on a whim while I was walking back from a bar and stopped into a CVS to buy Gatorade. The next day, I was Skyping with my mom while wearing it, and she kept telling me I looked like Rose when she’s on the door-raft in the ending scenes of Titanic. I chose to take it as a compliment because, honestly, who wouldn’t want to look like '90s Kate Winslet? Anyways, this makes my teeth look really white and my skin look really glowy, so I’m onboard. (Bad boat pun? Bad boat pun.)"

Smoking Red

Sable already gave you the lowdown in this shade right here.

Violet Vixen

"I'm so in love with purple that I'm going to be one of those weird old ladies that wears only purple, has a purple car, and dyes my pets' fur purple. And by 'old' I mean this will be me probably next year. It starts with a lip color like this, and then next thing you know, you have 12 cats that are wearing purple sweatshirts and you're painting their nails purple. In my defense, purple makes my eyes look majorly green, and my teeth far whiter than they actually are."

Wickedly White

"At no point in my life did I think that I would ever be wearing white lipstick, and yet here we are. This shade is insane, but the pigmentation is surprisingly really great. I usually find that pale lip colors don't read well on my lips because my natural lips are already fairly pigmented and hard to cover up, but this lipstick is pretty opaque with just a couple of coats. It applies well, but I'd still recommend pairing it with a lip liner. The formula itself feels like the Maybelline Creamy Mattes, which I really like because they tend to stay on better and they are comfortable to wear."

  • So, which one is your favorite?
  • Would you ever wear the white shade on its own, or would you use it to lighten other colors?
  • Anyone try any of these yet?