The Best Mascara For The Littlest Eyes And Lashes

I have tiny eyes with miniature lashes, so big, fat mascara brushes are a disaster. Here's the one mascara that actually works for me.
Publish date:
August 14, 2013
eyelashes, maybelline, mascaras

My fiancé makes me envious every time he opens and closes his eyes.

He has a thick, perfect butterfly veil of long eyelashes that curl in just the right place. I’m convinced he has a triple layer of them on top, like shark’s teeth. They are so phenomenally gorgeous and perfect, it drives me insane. I am so jealous. If I had those lashes, I would LOVE to put mascara on them and see how huge they got. He won’t let me try it on him, but maybe one day I’ll get him in his sleep. I just want to see it once!

Men’s eyelashes in general drive me crazy and more often than not, they have some of the lushest eyelashes I have ever seen. I think it’s because men are disgusting and don’t clean out their eye crust every day like civilized women do. Either way, people with nice eyelashes make me jealous. Latisse? Not for me. Too expensive. The next best thing? Mascara.

By nature, I have small eyes with short, straight eyelashes, and I have a really hard time finding mascara I truly like. I switched brands for quite a while, but so many brands let me down time after time with the usual culprits: flaking, clumping, smudging, and brushes that were way too big for my eyes.

Eventually I landed on an old favorite: Maybelline Lash Discovery. It’s been around for nearly 10 years, I think, but it’s never advertised anymore. I hope they don’t discontinue it because it’s the best mascara for people with small eyes and miniature eyelashes.

Maybelline Lash Discovery is underrated. You never hear about it, but it is so good for little eyes, and I have small eyes and light-colored lashes on the top and bottom, so it's perfect for me.

It beats more expensive mini-brush mascaras. My eyes are super-finicky, sensitive, and prone to getting teary, but Lash Discovery doesn’t exacerbate any of these issues. Right now I’m using the waterproof variety, but the non-waterproof version has a more creamy consistency, and I love it for a natural look during the colder seasons.

My ideal mascara-applying style is lying down and taking my time applying multiple coats while feeling glamorous and leisurely. I do this nearly every weekend morning in the most brightly lit room in the apartment.

During the daytime/workweek, I usually apply one or two coats for a more natural look.

I’d say this mascara is mostly lengthening, so for drama and volume I like to layer on loads of this mascara, letting each coat set for a couple minutes.

The brush is so small you can get every lash without clumps, even when you’re layering. Today, I’m wearing about four coats--and the beauty of it? No bothersome smudges to clean up after I put it on. I can’t handle using fat tubes of mascara because the huge brushes are bigger than my eye, and inevitably, I get it all over the place. With Lash Discovery, there is none of that. I am able to precisely apply mascara to my teeny tiny eyelashes. Hooray!

Do you have tiny eyes and lashes, too? Are there any little-brush mascaras I should know about?