This BB Cream Turned Me From Wrecked To Fresh In A Single Subway Ride

I was totally Jame Schmatt-ed into partying with my boyfriend's international rockstar friends for the sake of beauty.
Publish date:
March 5, 2013
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So everybody knows that Maybelline is xoVain’s launch sponsor, right? (Look, I’m new to this. I can’t force that adorably deceptive beauty blogger coyness. Like, “Oh! I just happen to have all of these Maybelline products AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW ALL ABOUT THEM.”)

I’ll be straight up: you’re going to see a few articles on here about their new Dream Fresh BB Cream. BB creams are basically miracle lotions that kick tinted moisturizers’ heinies in the coverage department. This one in particular kind of rules because it’s oil-free and doesn’t look greasy when you mush it on like a dumb toddler--but we’ll get to that in a minute.

So when we were throwing around ideas about how to test this stuff out without coming off as huge jerks (read: in real life; not some idealistic photo shoot in a café eating macarons and surrounded by expensive handbags and puppies), I offered up the idea of slapping some on while commuting to work on the train. You guys, sometimes my pitches are so revolutionary that Marci just loses it and kisses me and exclaims “YOU’RE A STAR! My most favorite little bunny!”

Not really. Jane wanted me to up the ante and party the night before, like, Jame Schmatt-style. Just kidding. (She’s totally not like that, bytheway.) She knows that I, uh… socialize(?) most nights, and suggested that if I were partying to begin with, the following morning would be a great opportunity to schmear some of this stuff on my busted mug to see if it actually works the way it’s supposed to.

I had put this article off for quite a while (REBELIOUS! CAN’T BE TAMED. FEATHERS.), until the marketing department was all, “We really need to see the first Maybelline article on Monday.”

That was on Friday. Which happened to be the same day that I had this conversation with my pal, Tarek.

Light bulbs: they went off. Last time I hung out with Acid Baby Jesus (that's a band--they're sick, and from Greece) was at Psych Fest, where I pouted throughout the last day about missing the Black Lips show. Pictures surfaced later on the Internet of me on stage throwing rolls of toilet paper at the audience… at the Black Lips show.

I had a feeling that I could get Jane’s prescribed (suggested) partying done with Tarek and the band. Also Iranzu was in town from Spain--she’s the European tour manager for Tarek and my dude’s band and is really pretty. She was also really fun to dance with while the K-Holes played with Kid Congo. Yeah, so in conclusion, this show ruled. (In other news: Vashti from the K-Holes is also really pretty. I fangirl-ed her outside after the show and we talked about makeup.)

So we piled in the van with the Greeks and the dudes from Hell Shovel and some guy that kept saying that he was a “filmmaker,” and took the party to a parking lot under the BQE. Oh! I almost forgot to mention the weirdest part of the night: I totally ran into some chick that works in the marketing department for Maybelline at the show! Whatever, that was cool.

Anyway, we ended up at some bar, and I only fell once the entire night as I tried to take a picture of Iranzu on Tili’s shoulders.

Flash forward to noon the next morning. We had, like, five more days to launch this website thing so I was actually expected to show my face in the office on a Sunday. Iranzu and Tarek managed to get me back to my place at the end of the night, but I awoke to no one who could photo document my makeup adventure, so I called my dear friend Frankie.

I cabbed it over to his place, but not before stopping for a juice. (Chic and expensive!)

This was actually my very first time trying the product--the little foil pull-tab was still on the tube. I’m using Light/Medium 110, in case you’re wondering. It was really creamy--I could tell just from having it on my fingers that the coverage would be pretty great.

I just kind of smeared it on my face, dabbing it to blend under my eyes. This stuff has moisturizer and SPF 30 built in, which was nice because I had nothing on my face save for the face-wipe residue from when I removed last night's makeup in the cab.

I dabbed some Color Sensational Vivids lipstick in Fuchsia Flash on my cheeks and lips, because despite Dream Fresh evening my skin and blurring any weird stuff, I could still use some color.

Frankie, like most dudes, tends to give really awkward compliments like, “I think you're prettier fat!” and stuff like that. “Wow, that’s funny. You actually look a lot better,” was his reaction after I used the Dream Fresh, which, you know, was great and all because it proved that the stuff works, but left me wondering where the “You don’t even need makeup”-type talk went. Whatever.

I couldn't take Frankie into the office with me, so he snapped these forced candids before I went inside.

My final opinion? This stuff actually works--even better than other BB creams I've tried. I'm really glad, too, 'cause it would have made for an awkward sponsored post if it didn't.