Reviewing Maybelline's Creamy New Eye Shadow Duos

These new shadows have their pros and cons, but the texture is definitely a win.
Publish date:
February 2, 2015
maybelline, oily skin, cream eye shadows, powder eye shadows, neutral eye shadow

I have always liked cream eye shadow, but it's hard to find a formula that stays put on my oily lids. Maybelline's Eye Studio Color Tattoo cream shadows are an exception, so I was super excited to try the brand's new Color Molten Duo shadows.

The line has a total of eight cream-to-powder duos, each featuring complementary light and dark shades. The colors have a lustrous finish. There are no mattes here.

Unlike the denser Color Tattoos, the Color Molten shadows have a light, silky texture. However, because they're so lightweight, some of the colors, especially the lighter ones, took several swipes before you could really see them. Endless Mocha packed the most punch, even on the first swipe, in addition to darker duos like Midnight Morph, Rose Haze, and Teal Twist.

You can definitely amp up the pigmentation, especially when applying over primer, but you have to work a little harder, even more so with the lighter shades. I was impressed by how easily they applied: Their mousse-like texture made them easy to blend with just my fingertips.

They applied pretty well with a brush, too, even if the color was fainter. As far as longevity goes, these shadows seemed to crease a bit over the work day. But, again, I have extremely oily lids, so they might last longer on someone else.

Overall I would say that this product is better suited for those with lids not prone to oiliness or who are looking for a subtle wash of color. I probably won't wear these shadows daily, but I could definitely see myself using them when I want a low-key eye look.

  • Are you team cream shadow or team powder?
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