I Matched My Makeup: The Outfit Made Me Do It

Also I'm possessed by a dead hooker from the '50s.
Publish date:
May 16, 2013
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So the joke that I made this morning, and then repeated multiple times throughout the day, was that I was told to look "professional" for a SAY Media corporate event thing (like, "hey, we want to be business partners with your big media company!"-type event), so I decided to wear a suit.

Like, this crop top has a matching skirt. Is that not a suit?

So it feels very mid-century-slut-ish. And did those chickens not match their nails to their lips? They totally did.

I mean, there weren't that many options; I'm pretty sure it was either coral, red or pink. Odds are, even blindly choosing between three lipsticks and three nail polishes, you would definitely end up with a match 11 out of... wait... I'm trying to do the math in my head, but let's face it, I'm a woman. I don't even know how to Google this properly. JOKING, I WAS GOING TO BE AN ASTRONAUT IF I DIDN'T TAKE THIS JOB.

I kind of dig the look. I don't like getting too crazy with mixing prints, colors, liquors, etc., so it feels pretty natural. Plus, I like those halfway excited "Hm!" moments when you find a shade from one brand that works with one from another.

The nail polish is FACE Stockholm's Hot Guava, and the lips are Becca Cosmetics' Beach Tint in, well whadayaknow, GUAVA! Loca, just loca.

Both products are favorites.If you're looking for a cosmetic pick-me-up I definitely recommend. The Beach Tint is a cream stain (lol, WHAT?!) that can be used on both cheeks and lips, and I'll forever be in love with FACE after meeting with creators Gun and Martina (her daughter) yesterday.

Duh, I was already obsessed with their products, but these chicks have tales of jumping off ships in Greenland (probably wearing all Biba **duh**) with world-famous ballet dancers and falling in love with international polo players. More to come on that--I'm taking Martina up on her offer to visit their place upstate.