Am I the Only Weirdo Coordinating Her Lipstick with Her Winter Coat? Plus COTW!

All I can think about is how great my new yellow coat will look with red lipstick.
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December 5, 2015
cotw, fashion, red lipstick

Long before I started writing about beauty, I was obsessed with fashion. I still am, but now I have even more fun figuring out how to pair my makeup with my clothes.

Take, for instance, my new winter coat: an obnoxiously yellow coat from Zara that I got on sale on Black Friday. My main reason for replacing my old black winter coat with this one is evidenced in the photo below. Doug LOVES to leave his pretty hair all over my black clothes.

But I also specifically chose yellow instead of, say, brown because of all the fun I'll be able to have with my makeup.

Can we agree that red and pink lips looks amazing with bright yellow, as proven by the likes of Michelle Williams and Emma Stone? I'm also excited to try pairing the coat with a purple lipstick. I promise to report back with a real picture of this soon (the coat literally just arrived while I was working on COTW).

Now it's time for your amazing Comments of the Week!

1. "Rachel" was totally correct that you don't need to splurge on gold leaf:

you can buy imitation gold leaf at any art store for like, a tenth of the price of gold leaf, which I would recommend if you're going to put it in your hair for an evening!

2. "Christina" had a great recommendation for those with oily skin:

As a person with very sensitive, oily-combination skin I was happy to see my two favorites here: I swear by the Pixi H2O Tint and Nars Tinted Moisturizer. I recently bought the IT Cosmetics CC Cream--and it's blowing the others out of the water right now. It feels so soothing on, super pore refining and excellent at evening out skin (I barely had to use additional concealer). But best of all, I didn't powder afterwards and it didn't budge for an 8 hour work shift. I usually have to powder to set anything--so this is revelatory.

3. Every salon chair can be a "no talk" chair if you just do what "itstoospicy" does:

I just always have the ‘what are we doing with your hair today’ conversation with my stylist and wrap it up with ‘also please don’t take it personally if I’m not very talkative - I had a long week and getting my hair done is relaxing so I’d like to decompress’. Since employing this technique I have never had an awkward small-talk marathon in the salon chair.

4. "blondeblack" had a great tip for anyone who wants to buy a CeraVe cleanser:

cheapskate trick: go to Target and buy this, and then have them price match it from the website price which is $7.39. i got the Hydrating Cleanser for $2.85 today by price matching, the 25% off beauty coupon and a $3 Cerave Coupon (their website always offers something).

5. "StephJK" shared an eyeshadow primer testimonial that made me laugh:

Eyeshadow primer is no joke. I fell asleep in my makeup last night, like the garbage person that I am, and my wings were perfectly in place when I woke up. So were 5 new pimples, but I digress.

6. Thanks to "lowercaseallison" for this helpful tip for giving your hands some TLC:

Put on a thick moisturizer before putting on your dish gloves and doing dishes. The heat helps it sink in.

  • Do you ever coordinate your makeup with your clothes?
  • What kind of makeup do you think would look best with this coat?
  • Anyone else rocking a colorful coat this winter? I wanna see!