Match Your Eyeliner To Your Lipstick: A Super-Easy Lesson In Color Theory

Don't overthink color coordination when it comes to makeup; sometimes it's just this easy.
Publish date:
September 17, 2013
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Most of the looks I try to recreate are typically a bit more everyday wearable than the original, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your personal preference. That said, no one ever died from having a little colour in their lives.

I am a fan of makeup matching: pink cheeks with a pink lip, peach and peach, etc. So naturally, orange and orange is no exception.

This time, we're talking eyeliner. A swipe of colour above black liner can really make the eye stand out.

I was reintroduced to this look on StyleNanda (as per usual), though I'm sure it's been kicking around for a while.

Here's how to do it.

Start off with your basic black eyeliner. You can do it any shape you want, but I think the basic cat eye is pretty good for this graphic look. I went thin for this, as my crease is quite shallow.

Select a bright-coloured shadow that's similar to your lipstick. Using a liquid (water, MAC's Fix +, Urban Decay Setting Spray or eye drops), spray or coat an angled brush. I used eye drops for this because it feels safe for use near my eyes and I find it also lasts longer than water. Dip the damp brush into the eyeshadow and apply it as a liner over the black line.

I used an orange shade from my Sleek Palette, but any orange will do. Or you can use whatever colour you want to work with (I recommend pink, because I'm biased). It may take a couple of layers to get to the right intensity, depending on how pigmented your shadow is.

Finish with mascara.

For my face, I used Charlotte Tilbury's Wonderglow skin illuminator instead of foundation for something a bit fresher. I am obsessed with her new line of cosmetics, but as Sarah once mentioned, the prices make my wallet weep.

I used concealer as usual under the eyes and on spots. I also used a slight hint of peach blush on the cheeks.

For my lips, I used Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti. It's quite sheer, so I also took some of the orange eyeshadow and applied it to the centre of my lips with some lip balm.

On my nails is Givenchy's Croisiere Mat Orange, a gift from my beautiful friend Ali, the hottest front woman I know. You should follow her on Instagram; she takes the best selfies and has impeccable taste.

I'm normally not a fan of matte polish, but with bright, neon colours, I think matte works amazingly.

Here is the final look.

What do you think of matching your eyeliner to your lipstick? Too much or just right? What colour would you try this in? I'm thinking a brown with a nude lip. I know, so predictable.