Do This Don't: Match Your Eye Shadow To Your Eye Color

Because you CAN!
Publish date:
March 27, 2015
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By now that we’ve established that some beauty “rules” are meant to be broken. In some of my recent tutorials, though, a few of you mentioned not wearing eye shadow shades that matched your eye color, and I realized that I fell into following that “rule” myself. While I think that contrasting colors can often make your eyes stand out in a very bold way, I also think that you can complement your eyes beautifully using the same shade family your eye color falls into.


Try gray shades with a hint of brown or purple to them. If you have gray eyes, chances are they change depending on the lighting, what you’re wearing, etc. and they can pull a bit blue at times. When you pair gray eyes with cool grays or grays that lean more taupe, it brings out that beautiful true gray shade.


Try neutral/olive toned greens to make your shade stand out. The golden/warm undertones in these shades contrast beautifully with green eyes, making them stand out in a way that is unexpected. My friend Dylan (pictured below) remarked that she thought these tones made her green eyes look more pale, and the look was pretty striking.


If you’re feeling timid about rocking blue on blue, you can start small by adding a shade like navy blue to a color you know makes your eyes pop (like gold). I like it not only lining the lid, but also as an accent color in the crease.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try a look that uses multiple shades of blue with neon accents. This look is more unexpected and fun, and even though you’re using all blue shades, you can still use darker and lighter shades to stand out against your natural eye color.


As a brown-eyed girl myself, I never shy away from colors that make my eyes pop. Even still, there are ways to make brown hues work for your benefit. I like to work with metallic or shimmery brown shades on the lids because the sheen of those types of shadows make the color of my eyes look richer. I also like to use warm reddish brown tones because I think it just adds a really nice dimension to the eyes.

  • Do you shy away from wearing eye shadow shades in the same color family as your eyes?
  • How do you like to play up your eyes?