Vegan Mascara That Smells Like Food

How do you feel about chocolate, berries, and tea--on your eyelashes?

While shopping the stalls at the Green+Good beauty event here in Toronto a few weeks back, I came across tea-infused mascara. As you may know, I'm quite the tea devotee, so I was instantly intrigued.

The samples at the event weren't open or available for sniffing, but that didn't stop me. I noted the name of the product and continued my research as soon as I got home.

Turns out the tea mascara was part of a four-piece, fruit pigmented mascara line by 100% Pure. As the name suggests, this company is 100 percent natural and vegetarian. They use fruit pigments in place of artificial coloring to create colors (flavors?) like blueberry, blackberry, dark chocolate, and black tea--blue, purple, brown, and black, respectively. The best part? They smell really darn good.

I'll admit, I was skeptical at first, but these mascaras really do have a strong scent. The chocolate smells like chocolate! The blackberry smells like blackberry! The snozberry smells like… oh wait, sorry, no snozberry. Sadly, the tea doesn’t smell as much like tea as I’d hoped.

Formulated with vitamin B5, vitamin E, and wheat protein, 100% Pure mascaras are also super conditioning. The natural nature (hehe) of this collection also makes it ideal for sensitive eyes and people who wear contacts, according to the brand's website.

I tested all four colors and am happy to report that they all smell great and work great. The formula is clump-free and my lashes were noticeably longer and thicker after application.

My only criticism is that there’s basically no difference whatsoever between the colors once the formulas dry! I was disappointed to see that once on my actual eyes, every color looked identical.

What do you think of scented mascara? Have you tried any other good all natural and/or vegan mascaras?