Marni's Gradient Lips: Your Look To Try This Weekend

It's kind of like having a wardrobe full of Marni but actually nothing like that at all!
Publish date:
November 8, 2013
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Guys: does this whole runway-beauty-trends business not bum you out a little? I'm having this urge to spend a ton of money on really nice clothes all of the sudden and am exploring options to make that happen.

Honestly I'd make the most organized and adorable drug dealer ever. I'd have the cutest little labels, little colorful baggies--I'd probably even have a novel front for my business, along with an unassuming way to deliver the goods. I'm picturing a vintage bike with a little wicker basket carrying French bread bowls filled with Lemon Haze. I'd even sell pre-rolled spliffs in cute little pastel boxes with gold trim. They'd look like jordan almond wedding favors. Everything would be little, in case you were wondering.

Instead, though, I'm left here in an American Apparel top (miracle boob-job top, but cheap jersey top nonetheless), and half of their Long Johns pulled down to my waist with the sleeves tied around because I couldn't find any leggings. No Marni. No Chloe. No Dries. Sometimes I question if this life is even worth living.

I'll not settle for just the beauty looks, but I will experiment with them while I await my fortune. Marni's Fall '13 had an excellent lip. It looked a bit textured with the slight creamy sheen turning to a powdery matte finish at the edges, and with gradient coloring--rich and dark at the center, fading out to punchy bright berry shade, especially at the bow and outer corners.

In some images the Marni shades appear more orange than pink, but for whatever reason my copy of Russian Vogue had the color looking like a deep purple fading to light pink-- my preferred shade choice for this look.

Mari wrote an excellent gradient lip tutorial previously, but rather than conceal the outer edges, I used Kevyn Aucoin's The Matte Lip Color in Tenacious (a bubblegum pink). At the center I dabbed Burberry's Lip Cover in Deep Burgundy, and a bit of Hourglass's Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick at the very center. To give more depth and add the matte finish, I used a cotton swab powdered with Bobbi Brown's Light Pink Blush to fade out and blend the entire top edge of the top lip and just the corners of the bottom lip. Notice that I carried the darker shade down to the bottom edge of the bottom lip-- this prevents making the mouth look smaller overall. A rich dark berry eyeshadow applied with a cotton swab at the very center where the lips meet will add even more depth.

So what are you doing this weekend anyway?