OPEN THREAD: Turn This Beauty Product Into a Room

I want to superglue Mara Hoffman's Sephora collection to my walls.

I miss Domino magazine. I mean, it's still out there — it died in 2009 and was resurrected in 2013 — but I miss when it wasn't, like, $12 an issue. Zombie Domino is an investment! Even though I'm currently in the throes of painting and decorating and assembling whatever the opposite of heirloom furniture is here in my new apartment, I just can't convince myself to pick up a copy, especially considering most of the decor featured is priced for people who can afford $12 magazines.

One of my favorite old-school Domino columns was called "Turn This Outfit Into a Room," wherein an impossibly chic ensemble was used as the color-scheme/texture/general-vibe inspiration for, say, a bedroom. I loved this idea, because so many of the elements I look for in pieces of clothing — certain types of prints, colors, etc. — are the elements I want to be surrounded by at home.

An eternal sucker for packaging, I've definitely looked at a beauty product and thought about buying it just for the sake of displaying it. But some brands' presentations — Paul & Joe Beaute, for example, and Pacifica, too — have given me ideas for decorating.

The latest line making me want to go on a paint-chip run is Sephora's collaboration with fashion designer Mara Hoffman. It's called Kaleidescape (get it?!) and I want to superglue it to my walls.

The small limited-edition collection is made up mostly of cosmetic cases and accessories like mirrors and makeup brushes — items that lend themselves to being great canvases for things like beautiful prints — but even the few makeup items were thoughtfully packaged. I especially love the Kaleidescape Cheek Trio.

The three products are cream-stick bronzer, blush, and highlighter made with shea butter, manuka honey, and coconut oil (which is both organically sourced and fair-trade, if you're into that), so they feel soooo smooth and moisturizing on your skin.

I'm looking forward to using all three, if only to figure out something cute to do with the little cylindrical packages when I'm done.

Because of the universally flattering shades and lovely packaging, this — and truly everything in the collaboration — makes a great gift for someone you love, which, obviously, means you.

I'm going to go figure out how to frame and hang this clutch over my new vanity, so while I do that, you tell me this:

  • Has a beauty product ever inspired your decor?
  • What are your favorite products to leave on display?
  • Which designer would you like to see Sephora do makeup bags with?
  • What else is on your mind this weekend?