Cat-Eyes, Buzzcuts, and COTW!

I'm figuring out how to style my new haircut.
Publish date:
July 2, 2016
bareMinerals, cat eyes, nude lips, liquid lipstick, buzz cuts

As many of you may have seen already, I recently shaved my head for the summer. Whenever I change my hair, whether it's shaving it off or dyeing it a new color, I always like to play around with my makeup and make small adjustments to suit my new hairstyle. With the buzzcut, I like a mostly neutral look — glowing skin and nude lips — paired with a bold cat-eye.

I don't know what it is about a cat-eye that goes so well with a shaved head, but I love it. I'm definitely going to wear this look for all of my Fourth of July festivities this weekend. However, I'm also going to try to push myself to experiment with some bold lip colors this summer, too, so that I don't get stuck in a rut of always doing the same makeup look. (I mean, I can't exactly switch things up with my hair right now.)

Now it's time for your best Comments of the Week!

1. "archedeyebrow" sold me on this miniature makeup product:

I'm really not a sucker for tiny stuff but honestly this has changed my life. Knowing I have 4 matte, 4 shimmer shades in a credit card-sized palette is SO when I want to travel light but also might want touch-ups. Also hi from team giant handbag.

2. "Rebecca Currence" shared a small but helpful makeup application tip:

i've started tapping/patting my powder on esp under my eyes and around my nose, and i'm finding it's helping my concealer last longer. still creases, because everything does on me, but it lasts all around my nose amazingly now.

3. I'm impressed by this unique makeup look idea from "comedy of terrors":

I've done entire makeup looks using different colors of zinc sunscreen sticks. They work really well if you're willing to blend your own colors!

4. I loved reading everyone's responses to Kim's article about how men perceive makeup, but "BitterAlmonds" probably won comment of the year with this:

Ngl I would be happy if I could never hear a man tell me his opinion on what I should look like ever again. I don't need opinions from someone who thinks its a radical skincare tip to wash your face with body wash.

  • How would you do your makeup if you shaved your head? If you have shaved your head, please share a pic!
  • If you're celebrating the Fourth of July, what are your plans (beauty-wise and otherwise)?