Two Pretty Ways to Make Your Eyes Stand Out While Wearing Glasses

I’m showing you two different makeup looks to help your eyes pop, regardless of if you're wearing thick or thin frames.
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September 28, 2015
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I love my glasses and all (they prevent me from bumping into poles and people), but they don’t do the appearance of my eyes or eye makeup any favors. Since I’m nearsighted, my lenses minimize the size of my already-small eyes, and before I switched to anti-glare ones, my eye makeup would get lost under all that light. I’m pretty sure people trying to make eye contact with me back then spent most of their time just looking at their own reflections.

Anyway, in the comments section of a recent glasses-related article, some of you shared the same feeling—that it is, indeed, hard to get our eyes to stand out behind frames. A few of you even requested tips, so I’m showing you two different eye makeup looks to help your eyes pop more when wearing two kinds of glasses: thick-framed ones with anti-glare lenses and thin-framed ones with regular lenses.

The Smoky Eye

I used to think smoky eyes with glasses were reserved for glasses ads featuring high-profile models, but I was wrong. Smoky eyes look amazing with glasses!

The dark colors instantly attract attention, and because they’re in the shadow of your glasses, you can get away with applying with a heavier hand or using more intense colors, even during the day. The frames—especially the ones with glare—help tone down the look a lot, which can be a good thing if you tend to over-apply.

For this look, I only used shadows from the LORAC Pro Palette 2.

I start off by applying a silver shade to my mobile lid. I like to keep my mobile lid color light (and the rest of my eyelid dark) to define my eye shape and to prevent a flat-lidded look.

Next, I use a shading brush to apply taupe shadow (Chrome) right above in a rounded wing shape.

With a crease brush, I darken the area right above my crease using a charcoal shadow. I also use it to line my lower lash line.

Right below that charcoal shadow and to my outer V, I apply a black matte shadow.

I blend out everything softly with a fluffy brush, and then I finish off by applying liner to my top lash line and waterline and applying mascara.

The Finished Smoky Look

Although the smoky eye isn’t too different from the ones we’re used to seeing for non-glasses wearers (same steps, just more intense), the main takeaway, for me at least, is that smoky eyes can totally work with glasses. Smolder all you want!

The Bright-Eyed Look

This was definitely more challenging to do than the smoky-eye look. I normally use pale, pigmented shadows for a bright-eyed look, but they tend to have trouble showing up when I wear glasses, especially ones that have glare. To deal with this issue, I interpreted this look as a more intense, sparklier version of the typical bright-eyed look.

Pale powder shadows usually work wonderfully to make eyes appear more alert and awake, but I found that using a pale cream shadow with shimmer works even better, particularly when you’re wearing glasses. Here, I used Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Sugar Frost, a shimmery pale beige cream shadow, to coat my mobile lid. The shimmer was attention-grabbing, and the brightness and creamy texture reflected a lot of light, resulting in a more striking look that made my lids look more dominant.

Next, I applied a nude shade (mine is Buff) to the area above my lid and below my crease. I know it looks invisible in the pic, but I only applied it there so the area feels more blendable. I also added in a shimmery white shade (Snow) to my brow bone to give my brows some lift.

Using a crease brush, I applied a light brown shadow right on top of the nude shade I just swept on. I made sure to fade it gradually as I got to the top.

Since my frames tend to cover my crease, I purposely applied the crease color (Cool Gray) higher so the shadow was above the crease line as opposed to inside the crease.

Lastly, I curled my eyelashes, added mascara to my top and bottom lashes and lined my waterline with a bright, pale pink liner (Pixi Eye Bright Liner). By curling and lengthening my lashes and using a brightening liner, I helped my eye area look wider, which helps give the effect of bigger, brighter eyes.

The Finished Bright-Eyed Look

Although this look isn’t as striking as the smoky eyeshadow look, I do think the cream shadow and brighter colors helped my eyes pop more than a sheer or pale powder shadow would. If I could go back in time, I’d also add winged liner just so my eyes would have more lift.

  • How do you make your eyes stand out when wearing glasses?
  • Who’s wearing glasses today? Share some pics!