$1 Lipstick Is Just One of the Reasons I'm Obsessed with This British Makeup Brand

They prove that beauty is not just for those who are able to invest in high-end products.

Makeup Revolution London is a brand that suddenly seems to be everywhere — at least in Europe. A couple months back, I hadn't even heard of them, and it wasn't until my favorite Dutch online beauty supply store started carrying their products that I decided to give them a try.

Spoiler alert: they must do something right for me because since then I've acquired a lot more of their products.

Here are my favorites so far.

Vivid Baked Highlighter

I've already talked about these highlighters several times; I used Peach Lights for my Prince-inspired look, and Pink Lights for my all-pink makeup look.

These babies are under $5 each. They're shimmery but non-glittery, have buildable coverage, and they come in a sturdy packaging. What's not to like?

Atomic Lipstick in Serpent

I'm probably too scared to wear this dark green lipstick outside the house, but I like it anyway!

The texture is smooth and velvety. It's on the creamier side, and it does leave a green stain on the lips, but that might be partly my own fault because I didn't have a lipliner in this color to wear underneath. But considering it's just $1.15, you can probably buy yourself a matching lip (or eye) liner to wear underneath.

For such a creamy lipstick, I'm super-impressed by how well it stays on my lips without a lip liner. It doesn't feather too badly either! It goes on very opaque, but I usually apply two layers for good measure. It also has a very light honey/vanilla scent, which does not bother me.

Ultra Strobe Cream

I picked up Ultra Strobe Cream because I honestly had no clue what to expect and was curious. Isn't it just a highlighter? Is it a primer? What is it?

I still do not have all the answers to those questions, but this is what I can tell you: it is a cream with a white base, but it dries transparent. It has a super-cool illuminating effect, and you can see the gold shimmer. The shimmer particles are tiny, which gives a more sophisticated glow than you'd expect from most drugstore highlighters.

You can mix it with your foundation or wear it underneath it for a subtle effect. You can also wear it on top of your foundation.

Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Medium

This product is obviously inspired by Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow, my HG brow product. I got this one to compare and because my mom keeps using my Aqua Brow.

The difference — other than about $17 — is that the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint has a thinner texture, like paint. However, I think they're both great products. Even though the texture is thinner, it isn't runny, and it's still really pigmented. It dries matte and, exactly like the real Aqua Brow, it doesn't move.

The only thing I'd like to note is that the color Medium has quite a bit of red in it, which makes it a less universal color.

Out of This World Merged Eyeshadow in Limitless

This baked eyeshadow can be applied wet or dry. In the swatch above, I applied it dry and already got this almost foiled effect It's so cool! I love this rose gold color, too.

I got this Limitless as a free gift with my order, but it's only $2.30! I definitely want all of them now. In the look below, I just swept it all over my lid and used the mattes from my Naked3 palette to define my crease.

Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

I was surprised to see a blush pakette by a drugstore brand, but it turns out they have 10 different blush palettes!

This palette comes in a black plastic case, with the rose gold Makeup Revolution logo on it. It's minimalist, which I like. It also has a mirror that stays up, which is great for traveling, even though I doubt you'll need eight blushes on your travels. Some are matte, some are shimmery, and some are super-shimmery. They vary in pigmentation, but if I'm being honest, I really don't mind having to build blush coverage; blushes that are too pigmented are way harder to apply because you go overboard really quickly.

The only shade I have an issue with is the bottom right one, the matte bronzer shade; it's quite chalky, and that makes it difficult to blend. I've worn most of the blushes a couple times now, though, and I can easily get six to eight hours of wear from them before they start to fade.

In this look, I'm wearing a few of the blushes (top row first and third and the second shade from the bottom row). I'm also wearing the lipstick, the eyeshadow and the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint.

I am so impressed with Makeup Revolution! I like how they make decent products at really decent prices. The packaging is simple and sturdy, and they prove that beauty is not just for those who are able to invest in high-end products. Of course, you have to decide on your own if you're OK with brands that essentially copy the higher-end ones, but I think there are worse things to do. I'm a fan.

  • Are you a fan of Makeup Revolution?
  • Think you'll try something by them if you haven't before?
  • What's your favorite super-inexpensive makeup product?