All 12 of These Lip Lacquers From Makeup Revolution Are Surprisingly Flattering

Plus they're only $5 each!
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September 16, 2015
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Makeup Revolution London is a drugstore brand launched just over a year ago in—you guessed it—London. Consider it the European version of e.l.f.: products starting as low as £1 with an emphasis on professional, studio-quality makeup and lots of blatant dupes for high end brands.

MRL quickly rose in popularity, and soon enough, those across the pond were eager to get their hands on the goods, too. The brand listened to yankee pleas and has officially made some of their products available stateside via ULTA.

Here, I'm swatching all 12 of their $5 lip lacquers, including the Intense Lip Lacquer line and Velvet Lip Lacquer line.

Both kinds keep shimmer to a minimum, which makes for a more adult finish, if you will. Also, each color is drastically different from the next and, somehow, surprisingly flattering. As I was swatching, I'd say to myself, "I don't know about this one..." and then look in the mirror with the Obama Not Bad face.

In general, I was more impressed with the Intense lip lacquers versus the Velvets, mostly because I felt the formulation was better both in terms of ease of application and longevity. That said, my favorite of all 12 happens to be a Velvet. So let's dive in...

Intense Lip Lacquers

The formulation of the Intense line is slightly tacky, a little creamy, and, in general, very easy to apply. In terms of longevity, they last about as long as you'd expect a lip gloss to last without eating or drinking.

Each gloss has a doe-foot applicator, and I didn't feel the need to use a lipstick brush. Overall, they're less pigmented than the Velvets, but still pack a whopping dose of color. The swatches below include one to two layers.

This nudish-pink gloss is the first I tried, and I fell in love right away. I often struggle with finding the perfect nude, especially since I'm so pale and my complexion leans pink, but this one didn't wash me out or look too "put on."

Slightly darker, and definitely pinker, than the above. It has a juicy quality to it, and I find it strikes a balance between pop and natural. Perhaps the most day-to-day wearability of all six.

This one demonstrates just how pigmented these glosses are, as I've only got one generous coat on here. Definitely leans pink, and though the product description says there's a bit of blue shimmer in it, it's hardly detectable.

This mauve shade reads darker on camera than it does in reality. It's perhaps the more nighttime-approved version of No Ordinary Love.

A bluish-pink made to satisfy. It has a wee amount of gold glitter, again virtually undetectable, and is nicely pigmented.

Here's your bubblegum pop princess pink lip lacquer -- maybe a future staple? It has a little bit of platinum shimmer in it, but it's the pink people will notice. I think this is probably my favorite of the Intense line, though it's a close call between this one and No Ordinary Love.

Velvet Lip Lacquers

As I said above, I prefer the formulation of the Intense lip lacquers over these. They just feel more comfortable and I think the colors are more wearable. They have a tendency to get sticky and flaky (some more than others), and can be slightly drying. You'll definitely need to touch up throughout the night.

On the plus side, a lot of these colors are hard to come by on makeup shelves, and you'll find that other brands' versions of the same come with the same problems.

As you can see, this is a very bright melon and pops way more than I anticipated. It almost has a neon-infused feel to it. Out of all the shades, this is definitely my least favorite. It's not that it's unflattering, but more that it's not something I'd wear.

It's also my least favorite it terms of application and formulation. It's pretty tacky and my lips ended up sticking together, which caused noticeable flaking. The other Velvets were leaps ahead of this one in terms of formulation.

This vampy, squid-ink purple lacquer is so not me, but I'd probably wear it before the melon above. It's incredibly pigmented and therefore incredibly difficult to apply. I used a narrow lip brush instead of the doe-foot applicator.

If I had to choose one color that I felt was the least flattering on me, this dusty, matte purple would probably be it. And even then, it's not so bad. It's definitely a hard-to-find color, and perfect for those of you who love to go bold.

And here's my favorite out of both lines! It might be because I'm obsessed with berry lip colors, but this color is so intensely rich and luxurious feeling that I fell in love at first swipe. This, too, has a hint of blue shimmer according to the product description, which helps it lean blue, but that shimmer is hardly noticeable. I love the finish, and it applied seamlessly.

This is the matte version of "Gave You All My Love" and is another favorite of mine. It's so bright and playful, and again a surprisingly flattering color. I'm such a sucker for hot pink.

P.S. It's practically a dead ringer for Ciate's Sass Pot.

No collection is complete without a classic, true blue red, and here's MRL's version. It's noticeably matte, which I love, and applied/wore like a dream.

  • Have you heard of MRL before?
  • What's your favorite color out of all the above?
  • What's your general stance on the uptick in matte lip products?