LOTW: A Nod to My First-Ever Look of the Week

It's been such a big part of my journey here.
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December 29, 2016
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In the two-and-a-half years that I've been writing for xoVain one of my favorite things to be a part of has been LOTW. It has been a fun creative outlet for me, but most importantly it's been a really great space to get to know you all better and encourage each other to explore our own definitions of beauty.

As most of you have probably heard by now, the future of xoVain is unclear at best, so I asked Marci to let me do one more LOTW — a proper send-off (but hopefully not forever) — since it's been such a big part of my journey here.

I was scrolling through old LOTW articles, thinking about what I wanted to do this week (and admittedly getting a little weepy), and I thought, what better way to say goodbye (at least for now) then to give a nod to my first ever LOTW. So, for this LOTW I decided to revisit that look and put a little 2016 spin on it!

After I primed my lids with Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion, I started by applying a matte, warm brown shadow through the crease of my eye lids with a stiff blending brush.

Next I added a bit of a matte berry shade to the outer third of my lid and crease with the same brush for added dimension and a little more color.

I've picked up some pretty good tricks from other writers here on xoVain since I started, but one that changed my shadow game for the better was Kim's blending tutorial. I used her small circular motions technique and a matte warm tan shadow to blend out the crease color to just below the brow bone with a fluffy blending brush.

In the original post I used a pretty thick line of black across the lid, but lately I've been into going with softer liner looks. For that I used a metallic bronze liner across the upper lash line and then smudged it with a matte dark brown shadow.

After I applied my foundation and concealer, I applied mascara to my upper lashes and smudged Bitten and Violeta along the lower lash line with a pencil brush.

I added a little pop of shimmery ivory shadow to the inner corners of my eyes as well.

To finish the face I added a mauve-ish cream blush to my cheeks, lined my lips with a wine eye pencil, and added a deep red lipstick.

It has been more than a pleasure to be writing here at xoVain, and I hope that things work out that I can do it again. If you have enjoyed my company as much as I've enjoyed yours feel free to keep up with me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and my blog (which I will be more active on starting next week).

For now leave me your selfies in this comment thread with makeup looks you've tried this week or some of your favorite personal posts from the past!

  • What has been your favorite LOTW? I think mine was this smoky cat-eye I did based of a look Amber Heard wore on the red carpet.