My Favorite Blushes Got Reformulated — Are They Better or Worse?

I was so nervous when I heard Makeup Geek was changing their beloved blush formula.
Publish date:
August 3, 2016
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No matter what amount of makeup I have on my face, I always wear blush — always. I’ve tried a few different formulas on the market, but my hands-down favorite powder blush formula is Makeup Geek’s.

However, they recently reformulated my beloved blush. Admittedly, I panicked at first. After trying the new formulation, however, I can safely say that Makeup Geek somehow improved on an already awesome formula.

I have blushes from a handful of different brands, but Makeup Geek has definitely been a brand that I keep buying blushes from. They sent me a few shades to try out, including the new formulation of a shade that I already own and love, Infatuation.

As far as pigmentation goes, the new formula is insane in the best way. With the old formula, the pigmentation was good, but I still had to do a couple of extra swirls to build up color. The first time I used this, I realized my swirl and swipe method was not going to work because the amount of color on my brush was crazy. When I apply it now, I only have to tap my brush into the pan a few times to get my desired level of color. The overall texture is slightly different as well; I find the new formulation to be smoother and easier to blend, which I didn’t even think was possible.

As far as shade selection goes, Makeup Geek does a good job of offering a wide variety of colors to suit different skin tones, with 20 shades in all. I’ve been a fan of Marlena (Makeup Geek’s creator) for some time now via YouTube, and I appreciate that she seems to be conscious of her consumers being from all different ethnic backgrounds. On the site, it actually lists in the description of each shade what skin tone the color is works best on. I was sent five shades that I think are pretty well suited to my medium-medium deep skin tone:

I typically buy my Makeup Geek Blush in pan format, but the selection I was sent was in the compact.

Aesthetically speaking I think the packaging looks very nice. It’s a gunmetal compact with the Makeup Geek Logo embossed on the top, and it has a magnetic closure and a mirror.

What I didn’t like about the packaging is that I didn’t feel like the pans were glued in very well. I dropped one compact on my carpeted floor and the pan actually came loose — I could hear it rattling inside. I thought maybe that was just an issue because I dropped it, but I also took one with me to work in my purse and the pan came loose in that one as well. I’m not too upset about it, though, because they would have gotten de-potted anyways, but if you’re a person who likes to keep it in the compact, it’s something to be aware of.

Overall I’m super excited about this formula, and I already have a few more colors on my list to buy for myself.

  • Have you tried the newer formulation of Makeup Geek Blushes? Do you like it more?
  • Are you a fan of the Makeup Geek brand overall? What's your favorite of their products?