Makeup Geek's New Eyeshadow Colors Are Like Little Pans of Summer Vacation

I created a sunset-like look to hold me over until I get to watch the sun go down in Mexico in a few months.
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May 5, 2016
eyeshadow, Makeup Geek

This summer, I might, for the very first time in my adult life, go on a vacation with my boyfriend. I am VERY excited. I'm so excited that even though this (potential) trip is a full three months away, I'm thinking about what I'll wear, what things I'll need to pack, finding my passport, practicing Spanish, etc.

Anyway, the very first vacation that I will be planning and organizing will be to Mexico! I'm very excited because I've never been there, and I have a very big "to see" list.

And when Makeup Geek sent me their new eyeshadow colors, I just knew I needed to make a summer-vacation-inspired sunset eye look.

Because these colors. It was like they were meant for this very job.

I'm starting out by applying an extremely light gray called Sand Dollar all over my lid to act as a base and to make it easier to blend out all the other colors. I chose to not apply an eyeshadow primer for this look because I'll be using mostly matte shades and I have trouble blending matte powders when applied onto a sticky base.

In the crease is the shade that got this whole thing started. LOOK AT IT. Have you ever seen a color quite like it? The aptly named Tiki Hut is a matte strongly orange-yellowish medium brown shadow, and I applied it in my crease with a slightly less fluffy brush.

I'm not winging out my eyeshadow, so I kept this color in my natural crease and blended it down so it can incorporate with the rest of this look.

To deepen the outer corner I applied Wild West, which is a matte rosewood-y brown shade. I also applied this under my lower lash line to add a shadow and to make the whole eye look go together.

Over the whole mobile lid, I applied Tuscan Sun, a matte dusky pink. With this color, I struggled to work up to the depth I wanted, so I applied with a densely packed brush and even patted it on with my finger to up the amount of powder getting onto my lid.

Even though I struggled, the color is so pretty that I've been wearing it almost every day lately. It's like the color I want my entire life to be.

On the outer thirds of my eyes I added a dab of Fashion Addict, which is a stunning matte orchid shade. You could go darker with the purple to really push the sunset vibe, but I couldn't not use this color.

I always thought that wearing bright purples wouldn't go with my skin tone, but this color looks so pretty mixed with the salmon on the lid and the orange-brown in the crease that I'm tempted to create a whole look centered on it.

For the inner corner, I finally used a shimmer shade with Casino. This is a gorgeous canary yellow that fills in for our sun in the sunset, so obvs, shimmer was needed.

The shimmer shades from Makeup Geek are basically perfect: creamy, highly pigmented, and they blend super-easily across the board. This color is no exception.

I applied a light line of Makeup Geek Corrupt shadow as liner. This is a seriously pigmented black that actually looks black, not gray when it is applied lightly.

I just loaded up my angle brush with the black shadow and tapped off the excess powder so I wouldn't end up with fall-out, then stamped it across my lash line. I take the line about halfway across my eye to open the shape, and I ever so slightly extended the line for a kitten flick.

I finished off the look by curling my lashes and applying a few coats of mascara.

And because I couldn't not share them, here are a few more cool colors that Makeup Geek just released. Look. How. Pretty.

This whole look was a step way out of my comfort zone. It is more color than I've ever used all at once and I absolutely love it.

  • When is the last time you wore makeup outside your comfort zone?
  • Planning any cool vacations?
  • Where is the last place you took makeup inspiration from?