Let Your Makeup Geek Flag Fly

I found my new favorite eye color brand on YouTube!
Publish date:
July 7, 2014
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I learned about Makeup Geek (MUG) from one of my favorite YouTube vloggers, Jaclyn Hill, who consistently raves about the brand. My makeup style is a little bit different from Jaclyn's, but I was intrigued enough to order some MUG eye shadow and loose pigment. Best. Decision. Ever.

Today, I’m going to give you guys a look at these awesome eye products that I’ve come to know and adore over the past year. And of course, I'm going to play with them and create a dramatic eye look.

Eye Shadows

There are 60 MUG eye shadow colors available in either compact or single pan containers. I typically save a couple of dollars and buy the pans.

The thing that sold me on these shadows is the quality of pigmentation and texture. I have two mattes, one shimmer, and one metallic, and each shadow is consistently wonderful.

I particularly love the mattes, as most other matte eye shadows I've tried don't show up or blend well on my eyelids. MUG's mattes have excellent color saturation and a very soft, blendable texture. Same goes for the shimmer and metallic shades.

Loose Pigments

Next up are MUG loose pigments, which pack a powerful punch and work well with my other shadows. However, they can be messy. The containers are small and difficult to open, and they do not come with sifters. You can buy sifters separately on the MUG website; a pack of five goes for $.75.

All of these pigments can been worn wet or dry, which I appreciate. I definitely suggest wearing the glitter pigments wet for smoothness of application. The rest of the pigments are super soft, pack on easily, and blend well with other shadows.

I wanted to show you these products in action, so I created a dramatic eye look using the Utopia pigment and the Crème Brûlée and Cocoa Bear pan shadows, plus a few non-MUG shadows.

My Dramatic Makeup Geek Eye Look

I started with foundation, powder, blush, eyelid primer, and filled-in brows. Then I dipped a wet eye shadow brush (you can use water, setting spray, or eye drops) into the Utopia pigment. Once you have the pigment on the brush, pat it all over your mobile eyelid. The result is a sort of antique metallic gold. Don't worry about making it perfect.

Next, take a little bit of Crème Brûlée on a fluffy blending brush and apply in windshield wiper motions from the crease to just below the brow bone. This is your transition shade. Don't worry if the Utopia pigment looks a little patchy during this step. We'll be adding more pigment later.

With a smaller shading brush, apply Cocoa Bear to your crease, from the outer corner to the inner corner in a windshield wiper motion. For extra drama, I added a bit of dark brown shadow (Lorac Pro Palette in Espresso) to the outer corner of my crease.

I also decided to use a medium gold tone (Lorac Pro Palette in Gold) to highlight my brow bone. If you have fair skin, opt for something in a lighter Champagne color.

Then I packed on more Utopia, using the same technique as before, and lined my upper and lower lids with Maybelline gel liner.

I went back in with a small detailer brush and smudged Cocoa bear along my bottom lash line and smudged Espresso along the middle to outer corner of my bottom liner to create a smoky effect

I finished the look with L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Volume Building Mascara to my top and bottom lashes and a pink-nude lipstick (Naturally Chic from Milani) with a quick coat of NYX Butter Gloss in Sugar Cookie.

Have you tried Makeup Geek? Who is your favorite YouTube beauty personality?