Revlon Insta-Fix Makeup Is Great For Touch-Ups

Whether you need on-the-go touch-ups or a quick contouring tool, you need one of these.
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January 15, 2015
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I’ve been excited about Revlon’s new PhotoReady Insta-Fix Makeup ever since I first heard about it. I even included it in my list of new drugstore beauty products that I’m looking forward to in 2015. Well, 2015 is here, kids, and Revlon was kind enough to have me try out the entire line: four different shades of the foundation stick as well as the Prime + Anti-Shine Balm.

I’ve tried foundation sticks before, but usually with disappointing results. My skin is incredibly fussy with foundation, especially in the winter when it reaches epic levels of dryness, so I prefer to stick with liquid foundation. Still, it would be great to have a stick that I can just throw in my bag and use for touch-ups when I’m out.

Let’s talk about how Insta-Fix foundation sticks and anti-shine balm performed--but first, the obligatory before photo.

My main issues are redness on my cheeks, some stubborn acne scars, and dryness that can make my skin look dull and flaky.

I chose the shade Nude, which was a pretty much a perfect match. I prepped my skin with moisturizer, like I always do before applying foundation, and then swiped the stick directly over my face. I’m not fussy enough to bother using a brush to avoid getting the stick grimy. I blended it in properly using clean fingers. Application was swift, taking less than 30 seconds.

Here’s how Revlon's Insta-Fix foundation stick in Nude looks on my skin.

Surprisingly good, I think! It has a semi-matte finish with medium coverage that hides most of my redness, although I would still need some concealer for spots. It did emphasize some dry patches on my skin, but it wasn’t too bad. All in all I found it was much creamier and more blendable than other cake-y, powdery foundation sticks. It also has SPF 15.

These would also make for good contouring tools. You can use a lighter shade for highlighting and a darker shade for shading. I didn’t have a shade lighter than the one I used, so I just used Medium Beige (sort of a light tan color) along my temples, jawline, and under my cheeks.

Here’s how the stick performed at contouring.

I thought this gave very natural results that were easy and fast to achieve. It’s just a shame that there are only six shades available in this line, especially given Revlon’s recent controversy. The darker shades are also very orangey, so I have to be careful when using them for contouring on my cool-toned skin.

The Prime + Anti-Shine Balm is transparent and will work on all skin tones (although perhaps not all skin types).

Apparently there are two ways to use this primer: under your makeup or on top of it. I tried both ways but found that neither really worked for me. I think my dry skin was the culprit--it hates anything with mattifying properties. I prefer to wear moisturizer under my makeup, or a hydrating primer, if I must wear a primer. On top of my makeup, it did have somewhat of a blurring effect, but in the end I think it removed too much of my makeup and made it look a little cakier.

That said, those with oily or normal skin should give this balm a shot. You may need to experiment to see how you like to wear it, but from what I’ve heard from other girls with oily skin, this could be your HG primer. It’s just not mine.

In the end, I will keep the foundation stick in Nude in my everyday bag to keep me prepared for those times when I suddenly need some makeup or just a quick touch-up (especially in the summer, when my skin is less dry).

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Photos by Joshua Kirby