How I've Changed Up My Makeup Since Dyeing My Hair Pink

With pink hair, my skin looks a lot paler, and I can look washed out if I don't wear the right products.
Publish date:
November 6, 2015
pink hair, pastel hair

So… I have pink hair now! Yay! You might have noticed that my hair has been through a lot of changes in the past few months, from black to purple to green to blonde and now, pink. I was actually aiming for a pastel pink when I did it, but it turned out quite bright. After a few washes, it should get to the right level of pastel, but for now I’m pretty happy with it.

With pink hair I look like a grown-up toddler if I wear colourful clothes (eww), so my wardrobe has changed, and I’ve also found that my makeup has changed a lot, too. Lipstick shades that were a nude-pink now look straight up pink, and my complexion looks different, too.

With pink hair, or lighter hair in general, my skin looks a lot paler, and I can look washed out if I don’t wear foundation or at least concealer to brighten up parts of my face. Pink hair in particular also emphasises any redness in my skin, and pimples or other blemishes look ten times more apparent. Now, when I do my makeup, I take extra time to cover blemishes and spots, and also make sure all my redness is covered with my foundation.

The aspect of my makeup that’s changed the most, however, is my eye makeup. Fun eyeshadow colours make so much more of a statement! Fun colours like blue, green or in this case, purple, look brighter and pop more. I especially love a single wash of a pastel colour for a dreamy candy-coloured look.

I find that wearing neutral colours also looks very chic and polished; however, when I had black hair, it just looked kind of plain. I guess anything looks more fun with pink hair, though.

I also make way more of a statement whenever I do something different with my eyeliner, like a big, thick cat eye or a minimal rectangle.

Contouring has changed for me in a major way. I used to contour with a cool-toned-greyish-brown shade, but now I find that it’s too cool for my skin and I can look a bit skeletal and dead with it. I now use a warmer contour shade and it works way better.

I’m also very thankful that banana powder exists as it makes my face look brighter and more alive. I use it to highlight my skin and I love it. Before my light hair days, I highlighted with a gold shade of highlighter, as the pearly-pink shades looked too powdery and ashy for my skin. But now those shades look really nice and are accentuated by my pink hair.

Lipstick has also changed for me a lot. I used to love Thalia by NYX and Pretty Please by Sportsgirl and believed they were the perfect nude-pink or light pink lipsticks for me, but now they just look too pink on me. Maybe they always did and I just didn’t realise? But anyway, it seems obvious to me now that I have to find a new, more subtle pink lipstick.

I also look extremely "kinderwhore" when I wear any dark lipsticks and more cutesy in anything red. (I ain’t complaining.)

I have to say that pink has been my favourite hair colour so far. It makes me feel cheeky, and I really like it. I don’t mind that I’ve had to change up my makeup for it, and I’m looking forward to finding the perfect nude-pink lipstick.

  • What hair color forced you to make a major makeup change?
  • Have you ever had pink hair?
  • Can you recommend a good subtle pink lipstick for me?