New Makeup Brushes Blend Foundation Like No Other

Pay no attention to the weird, toothbrush-like shape. You need these!

Whenever I get strange-looking beauty products for testing purposes, I tend to let them sit in a corner while I contemplate their weirdness and build up the courage to use them. These funky--dare I say evolutionary--cosmetic brushes by Artis definitely got the "time out" treatment from yours truly.

Even when I pitched this "Get a load of these weirdo brushes" story, I was apprehensive about actually pulling them out of the box and using them on my face. But ladies, I regret not using them sooner. These brushes, despite appearing somewhat gimmicky, are downright impressive.

Not only do they blend well, pick up more color, and create a flawless finish, but I swear they cut down my beauty prep time.

5 Things To Know About Artis Brushes

  • Developed by Matthew Waitesmith, who's put in 17 years at M.A.C., where he "helped to define the company as it is today." Basically: dude's got street cred.
  • They use synthetic "CosmeFibre," which allows for more uniform structure compared to animal hair brushes. The fibers are very soft, which surprised me.
  • Compared to standard brushes, these have 3 to 10 times as many fibers. This translates to a super-compact brush head that picks up more color and blends more efficiently.
  • The handle and neck are made of plastic and texturized grip pads. They're lightweight, easy to handle, and the neck has a little give to better contour your face.
  • The collection features 10 brushes, which cost $32 to $72 each.

Truth: I wasn't expecting these brushes to blow me out of the water. And while I do like some of the brushes in this collection more than others, I am so, so impressed with what each one can do. What I appreciate most, though, is that each brush can be used several ways, and they feel and look very luxurious. Plus, you can create an entire look with these brushes alone. Leave your kabuki at home, forget about that hard-to-finagle crease brush, and feel free to give your brow brush the boot. I'll demonstrate.

How To Use Artis Makeup Brushes

The Artis Oval 6 is the third-largest oval brush in the collection. It's the largest one I own, and I don't really see a need for anything larger if you're trying to keep your collection to a minimum.

You could also use the Oval 3 for this, which is slightly smaller. Either way, these bristles are so soft and do a nice job of getting into all those nooks and crannies.

Somehow, these brushes provide tons of control, which 100% shocked me since they look so bulky. This shadow was applied uniformly in seconds.

Again, I was able to apply this color within seconds, and it blends upon impact. I love how softly it blends without me having to do any of the real work. FYI: This brush and the Oval 6 are my favorites of the bunch.

To be honest, I do prefer my angled eyeliner brush for this job, but the Artis brush does OK. More than anything, I like the Linear 1 brush for brows. It fills them in nicely, is shaped perfectly for creating those precise lines, and gives a soft and natural finish (see below).

And here's the finished look, with brows, lips, mascara, and finishing powder. I did use my doe foot applicator that came with my lip gloss, but you can use the Artis Circle 1 for lips.

  • Are you as impressed by these Artis brushes as I am?
  • Would you splurge on a product like this?
  • What's your favorite makeup brush in your collection and why?