These MUFE Aqua Matics Will Change Your Life

The drama is real. Prepare to fall in love.

When it comes to waterproof eyeshadow, I'm a skeptic.

I’ve tried a lot of products that swear they’re waterproof, only to have them let me down. They either melt away at the first sign of humidity or sweat, or go on like cement and remain totally resistant to blending.

I’ve been burned so many times that I wasn't sure ANY shadows could meet my high standards: awesome color, comfortable wear, blendability, and wear that lasts for freaking ever.

But then I discovered Make Up For Ever Aqua Matics. They were everything I never thought I'd find in a single product. And just like that, I became a believer.

I was sent three gorgeous summertime shades: Metallic Taupe (a shiny golden-brown), Iridescent Blue (a true electric blue) and Iridescent Turquoise (an intense yet sheer blue-green).

The product design is excellent. The pencil is big enough not to get lost in your makeup case, but narrow enough to fit comfortably in your hand. The shadow itself twists up and down, which I LOVE, because it means the tip won't get mashed up against the tight-fitting lid.

Each shade is really densely pigmented for a superb color payoff. (What you see on the cap is what you’ll see on your eyes.) And I love the wide variety of colors, which ranges from neon lime and purple for fun times to browns and taupes appropriate for everyday.

And oh, that staying power. If you have an active life and don’t want to sweat off your eye shadow, you want these. If you live in a super-hot or humid climate, you need to buy them immediately. If you have oily eyelids and NOTHING stays put, no way no guessed it, these are gonna revolutionize your eye makeup.

I do mean that. I tested my Aqua Matics for a solid week and couldn't find a single thing that disrupted their perfection. Will they last through a two-hour workout? Yes, they will. How about through a shower? A nap? A bad allergy day? An accidental eye-rub? Getting caught in a storm? Through 90% humidity? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I’m pretty sure that these Aqua Matic shadows would last through the end of the world.

Did I mention that the formula is incredibly lightweight, doesn’t settle into your creases, never gets dry or sticky, doesn’t peel or flake, AND blends like a dream before it sets? I didn’t? How silly of me.

Here’s how the colors look when they’ve been blended. You can see they don’t lose any of their luster or intensity, nor do they dissolve into vaguely tinted sparkle (a serious problem I have with many cream shadows).

I found that my fingers are the best bet for blending these, with a beautyblender coming in second place (the pointed end means you can get into the inner corner of your eye, something I struggle with having long nails). Brushes just smear the color around; you get far better control with these.

And just when I have you yelling “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” Aqua Matic delivers the awesomeness death-blow. Because see down at the bottom? That little end cap? It’s not just for decoration. Gently pull on it…

Oh yeah, that’s a sharpener. So you can keep your tip as pointy and perfect as you like.

I love when brands think through the details of a product. It’s clear that no stone was left unturned in the development of these pencils.

So not only are Aqua Matics super-amazing, they’re also wonderfully versatile. I’ve been having a blast figuring out fun ways to wear them.

Here Are Some Things You Can Do:

First, I blended Metallic Taupe across my upper eyelid (shown below in panel 1). Then I drew an angular shape with Iridescent Turquoise at the outer corners (2) and blended well to serve you this peacock-esque look (3).

Sharpened well, these pencils are also brilliant eye liners. Iridescent Electric Blue makes for an amazing take on my go-to cat eye.

They also last beautifully on your waterline, if you’d like to add a pop of contrasting color to your eye makeup. I love lining my smoky eyes with Iridescent Turquoise, which gives a surprising yet complimentary explosion of color.

And never fear: removal isn’t as bad or scary as you may think. All Aqua Matics come off with makeup wipes or oil-based makeup removed. I’ve also had good luck with blobbing some rich moisturizer overtop, waiting a few seconds, then wiping the makeup away.

You may need to make a few passes, but they don’t stain your skin or cling so tightly that you’ll rub your face raw trying to get them off--a risk run by many waterproof eye products.

It's rare that a product is able to actually change how I think about an entire category of makeup, but these Aqua Matics have done just that. Holy Grail status for sure. The only thing I'm mad about is that I don't own ALL of them yet.

Have you tried these shadows? Which is your favorite Aqua Matic look here? Have you ever found a product that made you see the whole world differently? Ok, that's exaggerating a little, but still!