The Miracle Makeup Palette That Will Revolutionize Your Beauty Game (No Hyperbole!)

A must-have makeup palette for artsy control freaks.
Publish date:
May 3, 2013
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When it comes to beauty products, I like to be 100% in control. I like to allow my creativity and imagination to pour out of me and and have each and every one of their whims satisfied.

That means that when I see a colour out there, a lipstick or an eyeshadow, and I feel that I have to have it, I can't just sit around and pine. I can't just run out to Sephora and test out every shade in a messy, streaky blur on the back of my hand, trying to find the exact match. Ain't nobody got time for that!

I like to be able to create exactly what I want, with the immediacy I so desire, in the comfort of my own product-overflowing bathroom.

And I mean, yeah, you'd think at this point I'd have enough products and shades to satisfy me, but that is not the case.

Let us take for example this past February when this Dior commercial starring Natalie Portman kept airing. I, with my keen beauty eye, became transfixed on her perfect cat eye. It wasn't quite blue, or violet; I suppose we could call it indigo? I was obsessed.

And I did what I didn't want to do. I went to Sephora and left with the aforementioned makeup-smeared hand, empty of any actual perfect product. Not even the Dior section contained the matching liner. What da hale, Dior, you saucy teases!

Then I remembered I had the key to it all. I had the makeup artist's version of a painter's palette:the Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case.

Yes, this beauty has a dozen wells jam-packed with bright, creamy, long-wearing pigments in all the shades you could possibly need to blend up your dream colour. The primaries--red, blue and yellow--along with black and white. I mean, they could have left it there and you'd be pretty much set.

But they didn't just stop there. They threw in brown, gold, silver, turquoise, coral, forest green, and magenta. NOW we're talking!

The pigments in this palette can be blended to create custom lip colours, cream blushes, cream shadows and liners. If you're absolutely in a pinch, you can even gently etch in your eyebrows or conceal a zit; it just takes a little more patience to properly match shades.

However, I'm going to start with the basics and include two of my favourite combinations created with this kit, including the aforementioned elusive Dior eye.

For a really pretty retro-looking light peach lip, I mix equal parts of the coral and magenta on the back of my hand, then apply with a lip brush to my lips. Then I'll add the tiniest bit of white to the centre of my lips and blend out.

To create the Dior eye, I started with the cobalt blue on the back of my hands and faded it with a teeny bit of white; then, I blended in a li'l bit of red to create the violet tone. If that ended up being too pale, I'd add a bit of black until it reached the perfect shade.

I applied it with a fine-point liner brush into a cat eye. I think it looks pretty fancy.

There are a zillion combinations and uses you can find for the pigments. Why not blend a bit of gold and coral or a blush, or mix in some brown to that to create a pretty bronzer?

While I realize $99 might seem steep for a single palette, I think you can see the value here. This case could effectively replace dozens of others in your kit. It's high-quality and multifunctional--the makeup equivalent of the perfect pair of jeans, or extremely comfortable but sexy black heels.

I am in love with my Flash Color Case, and I will continue to sing its praises 'til the day I die. Love you, boo!