These Macaron Lippies Made Our Heads Explode

Lipstick and macarons--together at last. SO. EXCITING.

I don't really have a sweet tooth, but I get crazy-excited when I see macarons. Apparently I'm not alone, because when NYX Cosmetics sent us its new collection of Macaron Lippies, along with a sleeve of matching macarons, everyone in the office FREAKED OUT.

Considering the shared excitement, I simply couldn't do this post alone. And we're due for another xoV/xoJ beauty crossover experiment, right? So I knocked on my neighbor Olivia's desk and we tested six of the 12 funky-colored macaron lippies, which are about double what you'd pay for a good macaron in a fancy New York patisserie. (They're $6 each, in case you're not up on bougie macaron prices.)

Olivia's Picks

What colors did you try? "Coconut (white), Violet (royal purple), and Blue Velvet (electric blue)."

Tell me your favorite/least favorite. "My favorite was def the purple. It just looked like something I'd actually wear in real life, but if I was looking for a little more punch. Least would be the white because I looked a little TOO intense."

Where would you wear these colors? "I'd never wear the white--it made my lower lip look way too big. But maybe I'd wear it at a Halloween party. It reminds me of a snow princess look. The purple reminded me of living my dream of one day being Katy Perry, and I'd actually wear it to go see Katy Perry--like, to actually meet her. The blue shade reminded me of a sea creature from Planet SWAG. I'd wear it to the beach so I could match the ocean."

What color did you love most on me? "BLACK, beautiful baby goth doll. LOVE."

My Picks

Colors I tried: Rose (lavender pink), Lavender, and Chambord (black)."

Favorites/least favorites: I was surprised at how much I disliked the Rose, because I wear a lot of other rose-colored lip products. It was too light and it made my teeth look yellow. Not cute. Another surprise was that I LOVED the black! I think it complements my smoky eye.

Wearability: I'd never wear the pink or lavender out. They're really pretty colors, but they just don't suit my personality and style (too Gaga meets Nicki Minaj for moi). I'd definitely rock the black for Halloween. Wearing it made me feel really fierce and intimidating.

Color I loved on Olivia: Blue! Not only does it looks great with her skin tone, it also complements her personality--vibrant and fun

In case you were wondering, the formula is flavorless and mostly odorless. The lipsticks are pretty pigmented, but I suggest layering the color over a lip primer or balm for a smooth application.

Time to talk! Which one would you wear? Does anyone like the white? And what's your favorite macaron flavor?