The MAC Simpsons Collection Review You've Been Waiting For

America's favorite nuclear family goes glam with this amazing limited edition collection.

The Simpsons has practically shaped my life. Always a bit of a Lisa, the show gave me hope that the things that I cared about might be considered cool someday.

When I had a hard time making friends, The Simpsons provided a common pop-cultural “language” that I could easily speak with other kids. It was the first show I ever binge-watched. And my encyclopedic knowledge of classic Simpsons was SO impressive that it got me my first serious boyfriend.

Yep. Thanks to a well-timed rendition of “See My Vest,” I fell in love for the first time. Take THAT, anyone who says that niche interests have no real world benefits!

So when I heard that MAC was releasing a Simpsons-themed collection for the show's 25th anniversary, I was stoked. And when it showed up at my door, I went a little...something something. Crazy?

And you will be happy to know that it lived up to my very high expectations.

So borrow a feeling, because here it is: my official review of the entire MAC Simpsons collection!

Outer Packaging Overview

This is the best packaging I’ve seen from MAC in a long time. I love the bright yellow boxes with line drawings of all the characters, and the minimalist color palette--red Simpsons lettering, glossy blue Marge hair--is a great way to reference the many characters of Springfield while maintaining MAC’s sleek aesthetic.

Plus, the inside of the boxes are royal blue. This is the kind of attention to detail that delights me.

The products themselves are equally stunning. Sticking with the three-color palette, each item features a close-up of Marge’s face in various expressions.

Again, I love this. It would be easy for this theme to skew juvenile, but instead we get bold, fun, and sophisticated.

Eye Shadow Quads

The Simpsons Collection comes with two eyeshadow quads: Marge’s Extra Ingredients and The Trillion Dollar Look. All four shades in each quad are brand new and limited edition.

The case is made of heavy-duty plastic, including the lid, which is a welcome departure from the flimsier plastic of previous eye shadow quads. It feels quite substantial in your hand. There's a push-button closure and a good-size mirror in the lid.

Marge’s Extra Ingredients features four eye-catching shades of pink, purple, and blue.

Harpooned Heart is a very shimmery, cool-toned baby pink. Sexy PB & J is an incredibly rich violet with a pearly sheen. Beehive Blue is an intense blue satin that matches Marge’s hair exactly. Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag is a dark blue-purple with subtle bright blue sparkles. The colors remind me of a butterfly--and we all know that nobody ever suspects the butterfly.

That Trillion Dollar Look is the best. You know that I live for everything green, and this quad has a fantastic selection.

Lisa’s Spikes is a bright, almost matte lime green. Apple Squishee is a gorgeous true Kelly green. 2 Dozen and One Greyhounds (one of my favorite episodes) is a shimmery neutral olive. Chalkboard Dreams is a velvety teal resplendent with green and blue shimmer. I love how there are cartoon-brights mixed in with more wearable shades to create a truly balanced palette.

Quality-wise, these are MAC eye shadows and are therefore the gold standard--bright, long-lasting, blendable, beautiful. Harpooned Heart was a little more powdery than the others, and the dark shades (Vivacious Vacuum Cleaner Bag and Chalkboard Dreams) require a bit of extra blending. But those differences are very slight and didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the shadows at all.

And enjoy them I did. Ay caramba!


Housed in cute plastic compacts and featuring Marge’s face imprinted in the blush itself, there are two shades in this line: Pink Sprinkles and Sideshow You.

Pink Sprinkles is a cool-toned candy pink with subtle pink and blue shimmer. It’s sheer but buildable and the sparkle is evident without being overwhelming.

Sideshow You is only available via the MAC website, and you should definitely get your hands on it. A sheer but intense peachy-coral, it has a hint of gold shimmer.

Both shades are soft, without being powdery, and easy to blend. They work well on their own or worn together. Below, I’ve applied Sideshow You under my cheekbone as a bright contour shade and blended it out with Pink Sprinkles (I still wish this shade was called “I’m a puffy pink cloud!”) for a multi-tonal look.

I've found my soulmate. In your face, Space Coyote.

Lipglass Tinted Lip Gloss

These lipglasses won me over faster than you can say Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo.

Nacho Cheese Explosion is a lime-yellow gloss with faint green shimmer. It’s not as bright as it looks in the tube and it gave my lips an odd, yellowish-orange tint. This wasn't my favorite, as it settled into the lines of my mouth immediately, but it works well in small amounts overtop other lipstick.

Grand Pumpkin is a Bart’s T-shirt creamy orange. It applied evenly and tinted my lips the color of a sunset, thanks to the sheer formula. This also settled into the lines of my lips quite quickly, which was a bummer for such a cute shade. Boo-urns.

Red Blazer is a super-bright fuchsia. With a hint of purple shimmer and a more opaque finish than Nacho Cheese Explosion or Grand Pumpkin, it’s a beautiful, bright, cool-toned pink. It doesn’t have the settling-into-lines problem that the previous two shades have, and it couldn’t be a more Alle color if it tried.

My favorite shade is Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy, which I firmly believe should have been called The Purple Berries (even though it doesn’t taste like burning). It’s a stunning bright violet with LOTS of visible pink and blue-purple shimmer throughout. Sheer enough to be flattering and bright enough to make a statement, this is the color I’m going to be wearing all autumn long.

All Lipglasses have a doe’s foot applicator and the signature MAC vanilla smell, which doesn’t linger on lips. Nacho Cheese Explosion and Grand Pumpkin last about two hours before they begin to feather or need reapplication; Red Blazer and Itchy & Scratchy & Sexy (& Poochy?) last three to four. The true strength of Lipglass, though, is how well the shades play with others--using these to customize your lipsticks gives really fun results.


Suggesting Marge’s long, spiky eyelashes, we have The Simpsons 7 Lash false eyelash set. Packaged in a sturdy plastic slide-out case, these lashes alternate thick and thin tapered lash clusters along a thin, clear band.

MAC lashes are always a pleasure to work with. The band bends and fits nicely to the shape of my eyes, they're especially easy to clean, and they don’t poke or itch. The 7 Lash are definitely a lot of look, but when that look is this awesome, who even cares.

Nail Stickers

MAC took the bold Simpsons outer packaging, which I love, and turned it into a manicure that I am OBSESSED with.

What do I love more? The bright yellow shade? The delicate lines I’d never be able to get with freehand nail art? Or that it took less than ten minutes to apply to both hands?

These stickers come in a pack of 16 so, even if you screw up applying them, you’ve got spares. I haven’t yet experienced any wear at the tips, chipping, peeling, or bubbling. And they come off with nail polish remover when it’s time for a new manicure!

In conclusion, I really like the vest. I mean, the collection. The Simpsons means so much to me that had this line not been executed with exactly the right blend of silliness and sophistication, I would have been really upset. But MAC did an impeccable job.

The Simpsons collection is available right now online, at MAC counters, and at all MAC stores. Go check it out!

Talk to the Listen Lady, everyone: What's your favorite thing from the MAC Simpsons collection? Did anyone notice my swollen lip from where Santa's Little Helper, aka Oliver, head-butted me? And most importantly, what is your favorite Simpsons quote? Post it below!