MAC's New Retro Matte Collection May Just Be the Best Liquid Lipsticks Yet

I’m about that budge-proof life!
Publish date:
January 19, 2016
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My obsession with lipstick is well documented here on xoVain, but I can honestly say my favorite brand for lip colors is MAC. While my collection is full of many different brands (and I have a lot of love for those brands) MAC definitely dominates.

With the popularity of liquid lipstick formulas ever rising, it should come as no surprise that MAC recently a line of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour. So, how does the collection stack up?

As far as color selection goes, there are 15 shades available ranging from a super-light pink to dark plum, with a variety of pinks, peaches, reds and purples. I tried two of the shades: Dance With Me, a deep cranberry shade, and Feels So Grand, a true, bright red shade.

The first thing I usually do when I put on a liquid lipstick (or any long-wearing lipstick for that matter) is see how well it has set once it’s dried. With both colors, I let them dry and then laid a big ol’ smooch on my coffee cup and on the back of my hand to see if they transferred (no make-out sesh testing here, folks — sorry to disappoint). I had very little transfer from the center of the lips.

That’s all well and good, but a true test of longevity for me is if my lipstick can make it through a meal, especially if that meal involves my favorite word in the Spanish language: burrito.

I put Feels So Grand through a battle with a Carne Asada burrito and am happy to say it came out relatively unmoved except for just along the inside of my lips. Dance With Me also lasted through a Lazy Saturday full of snacking with the same slight fading in the inner rim of my lips (yes, I wore lipstick for Lazy Saturday — I'm that dedicated to you all).

I was able to wear these for a solid nine hours and only had to touch up the inner-center of my lips after eating.

As with all matte liquid lipsticks, these are quite dry. I’m a huge matte/liquid lipstick fan, so it’s not uncomfortable to me, but if you don’t like drier formulas you may not like these.

The pigmentation is really nice, and the colors I tried applied pretty evenly. I will say I had to be a little more careful when applying Dance With Me because it was a little patchy when I tried to layer it to deepen the hue.

Overall, I am loving these liquid lipsticks and I can’t wait to go pick up some more colors!

  • What are your favorite liquid lipsticks?
  • Have any of you tried these yet?