xoVain Editor's Pick: Two Things I Love From MAC's New Proenza Schouler Collection

I mean, I love the whole thing? But these are the things I will actually use.
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April 15, 2014
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MAC knows a thing or two about the value of good design and packaging. Every time they launch a new collection--Fafi, Wonder Woman, Gareth Pugh, Hello Sailor, the abruptly canceled Rodarte collaboration--it’s like I’ve lost all command of the English language, uttering substantive gems like, “Oooohhh... pretty.” I almost like to LOOK at these things more than I actually like to use them.

See, I was one of those kids who kept all the packaging for my toys, putting everything neatly away in its box when I was done playing. (If you’re in the market for an immaculately preserved Barbie McDonald's play set, get at me.)

I guess this goes a long way to explaining why I’ve also kept a number of pieces from my favorite limited-edition makeup collections safely in their packaging over the years--some I’ve used, some are given the designation “objet.” (I know, it sounds bonkers. Don’t judge.)

When I opened the mailing for MAC’s Proenza Schouler collection, my initial impulse was “LOOK. DON’T TOUCH”; I didn’t want my grubby paws to smudge the metallic ombre boxes.

It’s a relatively modest collection for MAC standards--just 15 SKUs: four lip colors, two lip pencils, two blushes, two eyeliners, four polishes, and a powder/blush brush.

But the SHADES! They’re the perfect embodiment of what MAC does really well: a combination of bold but sheer, buildable colors, and richer, more-pigmented options. I’m a fan of the former, so I tested two: Lustre Lipstick in Primrose and Blush Ombre in Sunset Beach.

Primrose is an updated version of my beloved '90s Revlon lipstick, Va Va Violet. (Second only in my heart to Raisin Rage.)

A single swipe was enough plummy-ness for me, but as you can see on my hand, it can go deeper with a few passes.

Sunset Beach might be my favorite blush in recent memory. (Second only to Hourglass’s new Ambient Lighting Blush; more on those coming soon.)

It looks a lot more graduated in the palette than it does on the face; in reality, it gives a natural, pinky-rose softness to my skin. I went HAM on it with the brush, but it never went on too ruddy or too chalky, and blended out so easily.

And the cases are obviously the chicest thing going, which is exactly what you’d expect from a collaboration with the darlings of the fashion world. (And this is a lot more affordable than just about everything Proenza Schouler makes.)

I will do my best to refrain from wiping off my fingerprints after each use. Baby steps, right?

MAC x Proenza Schouler is available online starting April 21.

What’s your favorite MAC collection? Do you treat any of your makeup like a precious object, never to be used?