Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Makeup With MAC

Dammit, Janet!
Publish date:
October 6, 2014
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I was never one of those theater kids who went to see Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight on weekends. Tiny towns like the one I'm from (population 245 at last count) don’t really have theater kids, or movie theaters, for that matter.

I was, however, a really big child fan of the movie Fame, which features a performance of Rocky Horror. So my friends and I got into it when VH1 started airing RHPS on a loop. It’s such an odd film--part musical, part sex farce, part sci-fi. It definitely wasn’t appropriate for us as preteens. We just liked the music, the costumes, and the makeup. When you grow up in a rural area, you grasp hard at any bit of glamour you’re offered. Makeup used to give us that feeling.

I'd forgotten all about Rocky Horror until I heard MAC was launching a themed collection, and then all the sequins, the songs, and the sweet transvestites came rushing back. The North Dakota girl in me was screaming, Get this stuff on your face!

MAC x Rocky Horror Picture Show is a relatively large collection, with products ranging from lashes to pigments to some really divine red lipsticks. I can think of no better use of the samples I was sent than a Rocky Horror Halloween tutorial.


I’ve always loved the '70s movies that not-so-subtly reference the '20s, and the frizzed-out curl clouds in Rocky Horror, as well as Columbia’s sleek flapper bob, definitely took a cue from the '20s.

I wanted to replicate Janet’s big, sexy, tumbling curls in the finale number while giving a nod to Magenta’s giant hair. It wasn’t enough to tease my own waves into a big frizz bomb. I needed real glamour! So I called in a friend to help me out. The idea of pin curling my entire head made me anxious since I have an incredible amount of hair. My friend Sarah, a stylist, came over with a half-inch iron and set my entire head in tiny pin curls.

After the curls had cooled, Sarah brushed them out with a boar bristle brush and back-combed random sections after misting them thoroughly with hairspray. (Our mutual favorite is Aveda’s divinely-scented Air Control.) The result? The big, fluffy curls of my dreams.


Susan Sarandon looks fine as hell in this movie. DAMMIT, JANET!

I covered my entire face with white cream face makeup. This stuff is not easy to work with--no matter what brand you use. To fill in spaces, I dabbed a small shadow brush with makeup and “painted” around my eyes.


I used the Greasepaint stick to draw a winged shape from the inner corner of my eye up over my eyebrows and down. These are really easy to use, almost like a crayon. The color is blendable, but it really stays put once it's set.

Then I filled the shape in completely with two thick coats of Heavy, Black and Pendulous from the Riff Raff shadow palette. It’s a bluish-grey frost shadow that blended well and gave great color payoff.

There are a range of shades in this palette, from a rich matte burgundy to a frosty pearl silver. If you want to do a Dr. Frank-N-Furter look, this is all you need. Too bad none of my dude friends were cool with me putting makeup on them. Bores.

The finishing touch to my eyes was the 7 MAC lashes, which are much easier to apply and look far more natural on your eye than they do in the package. I’m a big fan of MAC’s fake lashes because they keep so well if you take care of them.


With an angled brush, I applied Crazed Imagination blush heavily on my cheekbones in the exaggerated, contoured style of Rocky Horror’s finale stage makeup.


My favorite part of this collection is the lipstick, because all four shades are red. (I mean, try to cater to me more, MAC.) For this look, I used a mix of Sin, a matte, deep wine red, and Frank N Furter, a raspberry. I wanted small, dark lips reminiscent of a silent movie star, and dark shades are perfect for that.

OK, hot patooties and aliens and Transylvanians, let’s talk all things RHPS. Did you go to the midnight shows? Who would you dress up as?