Why I'll Buy MAC Fluidline No Matter How Broke I Am

$16 may sound like a lot considering my bare-bones budget, but I rationalize it as insurance that I wouldn't be spending $7.99 on three different things I may not like.
Publish date:
January 8, 2014
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I sort of consider myself an eyeliner connoisseur, but it
gets expensive. Recently, I cut down on beauty-related expenses and
have been trying to use up whatever I have left, like it or not.
Normally, I have far more eyeliner than I need, but right now I am so broke,
“normal” doesn’t even apply.

This means no more imported, amazing brush-tip
eyeliner pens from the Japanese market (which I go through like air and buy in
bulk; right now I have, like, six dried-up pens that I can’t bring myself to get
rid of even though my dreams of repurposing the brushes may never come true). It also means there's no room for
desperate trips to the drugstore to try out a new eyeliner I probably won’t
totally like, either.

Since there was no margin for disapproval on my next
eyeliner purchase, I turned to the amazing xoVain community for product
recommendations. When Kara recommended MAC Fluidline, I immediately decided to
get it. A fellow xoVainer wouldn’t steer me wrong, and the price was a
reasonable $16; it may sound like a lot considering my bare-bones budget,
but I rationalize spending the $16 as insurance that I wouldn't be spending
$7.99 on three different things I may not like. Plus,
she said it stays on, and that is all I really need.

I knew I wanted a cream eyeliner because, around
Thanksgiving, my mother gave me a dollar-store cream eyeliner that was
not a fantastic product at all in terms of durability, but application-wise, I
learned I really enjoyed using a brush-and-pot setup. The problem was, after a
few hours, my eyeliner would be stamping itself all over my greasy eyelids. I
got a little more longevity with my nameless cream eyeliner when I used
under-eye concealer as a primer, but it didn’t completely fix the problem, and I
resented the need to apply face makeup when all I wanted to do was my eyeliner.

With MAC Fluidline, I can apply the eyeliner to clean
skin with a light moisturizer, and no form of eye primer, and it lasts all day
(or until I take it off). One of my favorite benefits is that I can take a nap
in it and wake up looking relatively the same, which is great for weekends
where I am usually unconscious half the time yet want to look somewhat

I finally got myself
down to an art store to pick up some cheap art brushes to use with the MAC
Fluidline. (Side note: I really need to start actual-painting again.) Personally, I like to use a very short, thin brush with synthetic fibers that
are flexible but a little firm, if that makes sense. You need to play with them and physically
experience the varying textures of bristles to imagine which brush would work
best with the consistency of the Fluidline and your individual brush-handling

Fluidline is a good name for this cream eyeliner, because it is
definitely more fluid in the pot than the dollar-store cream eyeliner I was previously
using, and it's softer than the drugstore cream eyeliners I've tried. The color I have, Blacktrack, is a soft but buildable, matte black.

Are you a fan of Fluidline? Is there any product you'll spend money on no matter how broke you are?