MAC’s Latest Lipstick Colors Are Way Out of My Comfort Zone, So I Made My Friends Wear Them

They're part of the permanent collection, though, so I may want to get used to them.
Publish date:
July 5, 2016
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When you're a beauty writer, you get a lot of products, and that's really, really fun. You test a lot of stuff on your arms, your eyelids, your cat... OK, maybe not necessarily the cat. It's a perk of the job, and one of the best parts is sharing the joy of new products with your friends.

MAC recently released a handful of new shades to their permanent collection of lipsticks, which is Major Effing News for those of us who are obsessed with their amazing, perfect, don't-mess-with-this formula. I always say that MAC mattes are my favorite, and it's totally true. (The line is just mattes for now, but it'll expand to frosts soon.)

The new Bangin' Brilliant lipsticks include some crazy colors like slate gray, pure white, and baby blue. While those aren't really part of my daily routine of red, red and red, I reached out to the lovely folks at MAC and asked for a few shades outside my comfort zone.

And boy, were they outside my comfort zone! I realized that I just can't wear baby blue lipstick. It's not me, and it never will be. I don't even wear pink, for god's sake!

So I brought them to drinks with some of my girlfriends tolet them play with some of the new shades, and the results were way more fun than just looking at my own face.

First, I had my beautiful "baby sister" Alexandria try the matte baby-blue shade, Dreampot. Like most matte pastels, it's not super-easy to work with and requires a few layers and some lipstick magic to become totally opaque.

She wasn't feelin' it, either. Like me, she prefers reds.

Luckily, a woman sitting at the table near us was totally game to try, and Dreampot a) looked insanely good on her and b) matched her sunglasses so perfectly that I gave her the tube.

I made Liz try the pretty pastel purple, Lavender Jade, and we were all in love with it. Doesn't it look gorgeous against her summery ombre and brown eyes?

Alexandria had to put it on, too, and then a passerby stopped by the table to compliment us on our lipstick and ask what we were wearing. I mean, if that ain't a testament to the power of makeup to induce female bonding, I don't know what is.

As for me, I went for Red Rock. Can you blame me? Red is my signature shade. Red Rock is a very classic red with neutral undertones; it doesn't lean too warm or too cool, so it's a good choice for those who are just testing the waters of red.

Last but not least, Nora stopped by before her book signing to test out In the Spirit, and even though she had to wipe it off before she read passages of her book It's Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) at a local bookstore, it looked awesome and should be worn for her next reading, in my opinion.

Each of my girlfriends went home with a new lipstick and I went home with a lovely feeling, having witnessed the magical transformative power of beauty products at work. That's why I love it, and MAC continues to remind me that lipstick isn't just makeup — it's a lifestyle, and it can really change how you see yourself, even if it's just over some sangria.

  • Which shade of MAC lipstick is your favorite?
  • How would you wear baby blue lipstick? Seriously, help me out.
  • Am I boring for only wearing red? Or is it like, very chic and French?