Stop Neglecting Your Lower Lash Line! Makeup Looks Pretty There, Too

I read somewhere--I forget where--that mascara on your lower lashes is A Bad Look. Well, I like how it looks. So there.
Publish date:
February 25, 2014
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When I was busy gluing false lashes to my waterline last week, it made me think about all the different beauty looks you can do with your bottom lashes. Many people, myself included, often apply multiple coats of mascara to their top lashes (and then add eyeshadow and eyeliner and eyebrow powder and highlighter and…) but then forget entirely about the bottom lashes.

I left mine to their own devices for so long because I read somewhere--I forget where--that mascara on your lower lashes is A Bad Look. I internalized that for years, but recently I’ve started wearing mascara on my lower lashes again on a regular basis. I think it draws more attention to my eyes and opens them up more.

Most importantly, I realized that I like how it looks.

Here’s a closeup of my eyes with mascara on the top lashes only.

And here’s a closeup with one coat of CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

Now let’s zoom out a little bit and compare my face, with and without mascara on the bottom lashes, side-by-side.

Personally, I think I look more tired when I don’t have mascara on my bottom lashes. Rather than drawing attention to my under-eye bags, I think bottom-lash mascara distracts from them.

The key is to be very light-handed with the mascara and avoid large clumps (that’s never a good look, but especially not on bottom lashes). I also like to use this particular mascara because it’s waterproof and doesn’t budge, meaning I never get smeared mascara under my eyes.

Of course we don’t have to stop there. I also like to have fun with a light coat of Maybelline Great Lash Colored Mascara in Teal Appeal on my bottom lashes only…

And for a more dramatic look when going out at night, I’ll add eyeliner to my waterline to further enhance my bottom lashes.

After applying mascara to my top and bottom lashes, I line my waterline and my upper lid. I usually continue the line outwards to make a subtle cat eye. I like to stop the eyeliner before I get to the inner corners of my eyes because I think this helps to open up my eyes, rather than making them look smaller.

Adding the eyeliner to my waterline after applying mascara to my bottom lashes creates the effect of even thicker, darker lashes.

Now, if you really want some insane bottom eyelashes, you could just draw them on. If it’s good enough for Twiggy, it’s good enough for me.

Obviously, this isn’t the best look for a normal day at the office, but I strongly believe that everyone should try this at least once. It’s fun! It’s also totally customizable. You can draw the lashes as long or short, as thin or thick as you like, and fancy extras like a cut crease and a cat eye are optional. I do think you should at least line your upper lash line and add some mascara to your top lashes, but I left my waterline and bottom lashes alone.

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, you could also glue false eyelashes to your lower lash line. The one time I tried it, it was a pretty dramatic look, but you could tone it down by using a set of those smaller, individual lashes. This could be a good option for those with sparse natural lashes, although I don’t think I have enough patience for it. For my everyday makeup routine I’m probably going to stick with just mascara.

How about you? Do you like to experiment with makeup on your bottom lash line or do you prefer to just leave it alone?