My Holiday Beauty Routine, Since I'm Mostly Spending it Sitting on My Parents’ Couch

While my palettes might not make my suitcase, my moisturizer has a first class ticket.
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December 8, 2016
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I’m not here to diss holiday beauty guides. I’m into the updos, the hair accessories, the glitter lips, and the glitter in general. But I have to be completely honest. Apart from a few industry parties and get-togethers I have with my friends, which will literally consist of unlimited sangria and spaghetti, my holiday makeup game is relatively tame. In fact, I barely wear anything at all.

To completely spell it out to you, my holiday plans, most of the time, consist of crashing on my parents couch, drinking coffee, and catching up on every show I like on cable. I don’t have that amenity in my apartment, so the binge is a top priority when I'm back in the hometown. It might consist of putting on workout clothes and going for a run, but then I usually just end up snacking with my sister, chatting with my mother, or lounging with a stack of January mags nearby.

And for those appointments, I don’t get glam. But that doesn’t mean my face is completely void of product. I like to do the bare minimum with products that are light, easy to use, and will make me feel fresh and alive. Basically, I want to look decent in those candids I know my Pop-Pop will be taking with his digital camera. Oh, Pops...

And this all starts with skin care. While my palettes might not make my suitcase, my moisturizer has a first class ticket.

"During the holidays, our skin is usually on the drier side (and/or in transition), and it’s best to make sure your skin is both balanced and hydrated,” says makeup artist Neil Scibelli who suggests skin tonics or essences to help your complexion hold onto moisture.

While I know what I always pack, I wanted to get Neil’s advice on what else he would use to create a minimal look.

When it comes to color cosmetics, he tells me to focus on adding radiance to the skin with a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation. Among them he recommends Natura Bisse's The Cure Sheer Creams ($185; and Bioxidea's Blemish Balm ($74;, while I really love Chantecaille’s Just Skin Tint ($72;

Scibelli also recommends a cream blush, or one that doubles as a lip tint as well, to give your skin that “glowing from within” look. While I tap on some highlighter and concealer, Scibelli says all you really need to finish off the look is some mascara.

Leaving your Lip Kits behind, too? Saving space for your laptop so you can escape to a far corner of the house and watch Netflix but you still want a little something-something on your face?

Here are a few packing suggestions, below.

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