LOTW: Dark Purple Brows and a Dusty Pink Pout

Because you "dared" me.
Publish date:
September 3, 2015
nars, Laura Mercier, colour pop, bold brows, Makeup Geek

Recently, I wrote about my new favorite palette from Laura Mercier and I noticed in the comment thread that "Dobby's Sock" suggested I use one of the dark purple shades as a brow powder for an upcoming Look of the Week.

Challenge accepted!

To start, I went ahead and applied my foundation and eyelid primer as normal. Then, I took a dark purple matte eye shadow (Violet Ink from the Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette) and filled in the outer 2/3 of my eyebrow with it.

I didn't want to go too dark on the inner portion of my brow so I took the shade Kir Royal (a dusky, slightly shimmery purple) and applied that through the rest of my brow, blending it in with the darker shade.

Since the brows are bolder, I kept the rest of my look minimal, applying a sheer wash of golden purple (African Violet from the same palette) to my lids.

I finished my eyes with a soft coat of black mascara.

For my cheeks I went with a soft pink shade, Spellbound by Makeup Geek, and then went for a more dusty pink shade on the lips.

I was really surprised by how "normal" my brows look with this powder. In fact, I'm thinking of doing them like this on the regular!

Here are my favorite looks from last week:

Have you done purple brows before? What is the boldest color you've used for brows?

You know what, this was fun! How would you guys feel about it being a regular thing with LOTW? Hit me with your suggestions for future looks (in addition to your lovely faces) in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can #xoLOTW and #xoBeautyDare and I'll pick one to do for the first LOTW of each month!