Want A New Look? There's An App For That

Shopping for makeup will never be the same.
Publish date:
December 6, 2014
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Have you ever spent countless hours browsing the makeup aisles, searching for that perfect shade of eye shadow or lipstick only to take it home and discover it looks terrible on you?

Enter Makeup Genius by L’Oreal Paris, the first-ever makeup app. It's a total game changer, allowing you to virtually test eyeliners, lipsticks, bronzers, and eye shadows before you buy them. Bonus: it’s free to download.

The app took 10 years to develop and employs the same technology that allowed Brad Pitt to age in reverse in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But it couldn't be easier to use.

How It Works

Scan your face using the camera on your phone, just as if you were taking a selfie. The app reads your facial characteristics, allowing you to test different styles, try out various products or borrow makeup looks from celebrities like Frieda Pinto and Julianne Moore. You also have the option to scan products while shopping, so you can immediately see what you'd look like with that smoky eye and nude lip before committing to buying a load of makeup.

The Results

Here are a few pics of different looks I tried. Tap the slideshow to see full-size images of the virtual makeup application.

The Bottom Line

I was really pleased with this app, from its vast catalogue of looks to the seamless technology behind it. You can save JPG images straight to your phone, or share them with friends via social media. There is even an option that allows you to play and watch quick, easy-to-follow makeup tutorials. It's the perfect marriage of tech and beauty.

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